2019 : Let's do this!

Welcome to 2019!

In this 2-hour workshop Kelsey Reidl will equip you with the specific resources that will help you up-level your health, your life and your career path in 2019.

This workshop is focused on taking action on your goals, rather than simply setting the goal and forgetting about it! That's what makes it experiential.

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Kelsey Reidl
We're Hiring!

Hey visionaries,

I'm looking to hire a right-hand person who can support my vision of helping people live and lead their most visionary life.

This role begins at 4 hours per week, with potential to take on more hours in the future.

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Kelsey Reidl
Business Coaching with Me: What it's REALLY like (PART 1)

Here's exactly what happens when we work together:

Before our first session:

⦁    I take you through an exercise where you dream up your most visionary life + business, and then put it on paper
⦁    You spend 30 minutes taking a questionnaire that tells us your Top 5 Strengths, and we use the results to navigate the process
⦁    We do some preliminary goal setting, to get the ball rolling right away
⦁    You tell me your biggest fears + challenges + roadblocks, so that we can plow through them together during our sessions

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Kelsey Reidl
FAQ: All About Coaching

Have you ever explored the opportunity of working with a coach?

90% of you are probably shaking your head NO, which is expected!

In fact, up until 3 years ago, I never knew that the word "coach" could be used beyond my house league soccer team when I was 10 years old.

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Kelsey Reidl
Top 3 Online Tools Every Business Can Benefit From

Biz owners... listen up!

Systems are your best friend in scaling up your business and freeing up time to do income producing activities (aka things that really drive your business forward).

If you don't yet work with a Graphic Designer, a Social Media Assistant, or have a Personal Account, then you'll want to take a peek at the following 3 tool that have helped me immensely in the growth + organization + marketing of my business.

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Kelsey Reidl
5 Podcasts That Will Help You Learn More About Online Business & Marketing

You're on the podcast train, right? You know... those incredible free audio shows that can support you in growing you knowledge in almost ANY area of life!

If not... download the Podcast app ASAP (or use CastBox or Stitcher).

Then, check out these 5 podcasts that I adore (+ one bonus suggestions which is MY podcast!) that will help you master the art of online business & marketing.

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