074 How To Build a THRIVING Etsy Shop with Kate Shewaga, Founder of Bolt x Rally

Kate Shewaga is a plant-loving creative and flight attendant. She is the owner and creator of Bolt & Rally, an Etsy shop that specializes in happy home decor (in the form of personalized clay pots).

For over five years Kate has worked as a flight attendant for a Canadian airline, and although she still loves the flexibility, travel and perks of the job, two years ago she was itching to do something creative on her time off. After accumulating a few too many plants, Kate decided to paint her own clay pots and hand stamp cute phrases on them. They were so loved by family and friends that her fiancee (soon husband!) nudged her to try selling them online. Kate turned to Etsy, a handmade and vintage selling platform, where she opened a shop, posted a few photos, and as easy as that, Bolt & Rally was born.

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Kelsey Reidl
073 Season 4 Premiere - WE'RE BACK IN ACTION!

On today's episode, I'm chatting with my husband Dave! He's been on many podcasts before & he's a highly sought-after guest, especially now that he's a podcast host, himself ;)

We talk about:

  • Why the podcast took a break over the Summer

  • The guests that you can look forward to this Season

  • An exciting new project that we've worked on


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Kelsey Reidl
071 How a Kombucha-Brewing Hobby Turned into Selling at 2,000 Stores!

Zoey Shamai is the founder and president at Tonica Kombucha, a Canadian beverage company.

Zoey’s entrepreneurial journey began in early childhood witnessing her mother, a health entrepreneur, pioneer a line of hemp and chia food products. While becoming a certified yoga instructor, Zoey was introduced to kombucha tea. Moved by the immediate effect it had on her digestion, Zoey became an avid kombucha brewer and began to share her fermented beverage with her community.

At a time when there were no other kombucha brands on the market in Canada, she became the first commercial kombucha brewer in Toronto. Although Tonica started as a love hobby, the overwhelming response Zoey got from consumers grateful for the digestive aid and skin cleansing from her fermented tea made it clear - this was just the beginning. And Tonica Kombucha was borne.

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Kelsey Reidl
070 Find a Career Path That Brings You JOY with Joy McCarthy of Joyous Health

Joy McCarthy is a Holistic Nutritionist and founder of JoyousHealth.com. She is a two-time bestselling author of Joyous Health and Joyous Detox. Her much anticipated third book, The Joyous Cookbook, comes out late 2019.

A passionate natural beauty lover, Joy has a line of natural hair-care and body care products she founded in 2013.

An entrepreneur at heart, Joy co-founded a 12-week business program called the Joyous Health Business Program to help wellness entrepreneurs take their passion and create a thriving successful business.

A trusted nutrition expert, Joy has been featured in hundreds of publications both online such as Well and Good, CNN and CBC and is a regular health expert on television including Cityline and CTV’s Your Morning.

Joy lives in Toronto with her husband Walker and their daughter Vienna. Joy loves social media and shares her passion for food, family and fun as a way to channel positive energy into the lives of others.

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Kelsey Reidl
069 Lana Pribic, Boudoir Photographer, Shares That You CAN Pivot Career Paths!

I can’t wait for you to hear this episode with Lana Pribic, a photographer who specializes in Boudoir (photos taken from a women's bedroom). She is devoted to love, self love, and changing the way we interact with photos of women. Lana completed a Masters of Science in Economics, shortly after which she realized that she wanted to start a photography business instead of go down the path that was carved out for her.

In this episode we talk about...

  • How Lana got into photography, when her education was in a totally different industry!

  • Her journey of completing her masters degree & then being unsure of her next steps

  • Course correction & why it’s okay to pivot paths when what you’re doing now is not what you want for your future

  • How to decide what you REALLY want to do with your career path, even if it’s different than what you went to school for

  • How Lana got into Boudoir photography

  • Deciding on pricing for your offer, when you first launch your business

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Kelsey Reidl
067 When Juan Bendana speaks, the audience listens

Juan speaks at high schools, University campuses, & conferences internationally and has spoken to 1000’s of students, educators, and parents across Canada & the United States.

Through his message of Impact & Action, Juan uses storytelling, humour & music to highlight a message of Action, Leadership, Decision Making, and Impact that resonates with every audience member.

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Kelsey Reidl
064 Bring Your Vision To Life: Launching a Creative Arts Studio & Building an Inclusive Community

Today on the show, I am chatting with the founders of Wild Heart Healing Arts, Megan Marie Gates and Stacey Croucher.

These 2 visionary souls have created the most magical space inside The Armoury building in Prince Edward County that offers weekly movement and meditation classes, holistic healing treatments, specialized workshops  & creative community gatherings.

If you’ve ever considered launching a business as a practitioner or health / fitness pro --- you’ll love this episode where we hear the story of how this studio came to be!

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Kelsey Reidl
063 An Extra SWEET Business Idea Founded by Food Network Stars, The Baker Sisters

Jean and Rachel started from humble beginnings; their single mother baked butter tarts out of their mobile home in Bayside as a way to earn money for the family.

It wasn’t till Jean and Rachel became mothers themselves that the pair cofounded their own butter tart company.

You can find Maple Key Tart Co.’s butter tarts in 18 select locations around the GTA and seasonally in Prince Edward County at the Wellington Farmers Market and The Grange Winery.

When not baking butter tarts, you can catch this sister duo as the hosts of Food Network Canada’s The Baker Sisters. 

Head to www.maplekeytartco.com and www.foodnetwork.ca for more information on their company and show!

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062 One Year Can Change Everything - The Journey of Opening a Gym

Today on the show I’m interviewing Rob Spagnola, the founder of The Gym in the Armoury located in Picton, Ontario, Canada. This is another installment of my partnership with Prince Edward County.

Rob is a Trainer and Performance Coach from Toronto with over +6 years working in the fitness industry at a private recreation and athletic club. He has trained everyone from youth athletes looking to improve their strength and speed in their sport to seniors exploring their fitness for the first time.

Now, Rob is the owner of The Gym in the Armoury where he not only has created his dream training facility, but is also embarking on this entrepreneurial journey for the very first time!

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Kelsey Reidl
061 Cinco De Mayo with the Founders of a Mexican Restaurant!

Today on the show, in honour of Cinco de Mayo, I'm chatting with Sam Valdivia as well as with her business partners Riz & Matthew, the dream team behind the restaurant La Condesa

After having the amazing opportunity to live and work in beautiful Prince Edward County for 2 years, Chef Samantha Valdivia has now opened La Condesa in the heart of Wellington Village in Ontario, Canada.

Serving up a variety of shareable plates, La Condesa brings their guests an elevated, yet approachable taste of authentic Mexican cuisine.

If you want to learn all about what it takes to bring a restaurant to life then you are going to love this round-table episode with these 3 incredible humans!

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Kelsey Reidl
059 Abigail Hopkins Shares How She Built "That Clean Life" Meal Planning Software

That Clean Life is an online meal planing platform that helps you create nutritious and delicious meal plans for yourself or your clients. Since launching in January 2015, That Clean Life has helped tens of thousands of people from all over the world feel awesome about the food they are putting in their bodies. Whether you are an individual meal planning for yourself, a parent meal planning for your family, or a wellness professional building meal plans for your clients and community, That Clean Life gives you the tools to make it happen.

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Kelsey Reidl
057 Closing a Yoga Studio, Moving Across the Country & Launching an Online Business (Interviewing a student from The VISIONARY METHOD)

Today I'm interviewing one of the graduates of The VISIONARY METHOD, Rebekah Rose Wall.

Rebekah is a yoga instructor, meditation facilitator, and now she is a holistic life coach. She is based in Reno, Nevada.

Rebekah and I chat about:

  • Why she closed the yoga studio that she built from scratch

  • The decision to make a move across the USA, away from friends & family

  • How travelling has made an impact on her life and on her business

  • What she created out of The VISIONARY METHOD

  • What she's up to now!

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Kelsey Reidl
055 From Freelancer to Opening a Coworking Space, Rachel Kelly from Make Lemonade Shares Her Story

If you’re a freelancer, work remotely or have another career situation that has you working from home -- you know it can be extremely lonely.

Sure it’s got it’s perks -- I won’t deny that..

But, While all your friends are grabbing drinks with their colleagues & playing on their work Frisbee team, sometimes solopreneurs are left wondering why they feel a sense of loneliness or not belonging.

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