034 Bootcamps for Change Founder Katie Heggtveit is Changing the Way We View Street Youth with Her Organization

Katie Heggtveit is the youngest visionary we've featured on the show!

She also might be the busiest, most driven woman you've EVER listened to on a podcast. Prepare to be inspired!

Katie runs her Toronto-based charity, Bootcamps for Change, while studying at Ryerson University full time. Bootcamps for Change was born after nutrition and fitness saved her life at the age of 13….

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Kelsey Reidl
032 The Story of Apple Falls Cider: Amelia went from Orchard Employee to Craft Cider Business Owner!

Amelia and Matt have been making hard cider since 2012, after they fell in love with the beverage in London, England. After successfully completing their post-secondary education, Matt and Amelia visited London, England. While they were exploring the culture in London, they stumbled upon traditional hard apple cider. From then on, they were hooked.

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031 Top YouTuber Nikole Goncalves of HealthNut Nutrition Shares How She Grew her Community to 400,000+ People!

Today on the podcast I am chatting with Nikole Goncalves from HealthNut Nutrition!

Nikole is the face behind one of the top leading healthy food and lifestyle YouTube channels in Canada called HealthNut Nutrition-- with a following of over 400K subscribers and over 26 million views.

She's a passionate "health nut" who inspires her viewers to live an active, healthy and balanced lifestyle by showing how easy and delicious it can be.

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Kelsey Reidl
030 Well To Do is Your 1 Stop (Online) Shop for ALL THINGS WELLNESS

Well To Do is Your 1 Stop (Online) Shop for ALL THINGS WELLNESS.

This week on the show I’m interviewing Eme & Alyssa from Well To Do Canada.

As we know, There's a lot of amazing stuff going on in the wellness scene these days... but where do you go to stay on top of it all?

That's where Well To Do comes in!

Well To Do is all about being your go-to for the latest and greatest in everything fitness, nutrition and wellness that Toronto has to offer.

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Kelsey Reidl
025 Zen & Tonic Wellness Clinic: How to Start a Business, Leaving Your Corporate Job, Memorable Logo Design & MORE

This week on the show I’m chatting with April + Edward from Zen & Tonic Wellness Clinic,

Zen & Tonic is a wellness space located in Toronto that began in 2016 when April & Edward decided to follow their dreams and turn their passion for wellness into a beautiful community hub.

They both shared the deep desire to educate individuals on the power of natural medicine, and ultimately, make a positive difference. So, With similar intentions, they set out on a journey to help others lead healthier, happier lives through a wellness space called Zen & Tonic.

Their philosophy is about the use of both Eastern and Western modalities for treatments and the effectiveness of your healing. The synergistic healing powers of these alternative therapies will help propel your journey back to balance.

Be sure to check out the show notes at www.kelseyreidl.com for photos of the space and a great recap of the podcast.

If you’e EVER thought about starting your own health space, wellness clinic, or fitness studio - I would highly recommend listening to this podcast or sharing it with a friend.

We chat about: Entrepreneurship, their East meets West philosophy, why April decided to leave her corporate job in pursuit of Zen & Tonic, and SO MUCH MORE!

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I can’t believe I’ve been at this ‘podcast thing’ for six months. I knew I’d love it, but had no idea how much. I feel really grateful that I get to do this work and share it with you all.

I can truly say that I've learned SO MUCH from launching + hosting this weekly show, and I've learned even more from my weekly conversations and interviews with my visionary guests. Everyone has such a unique and powerful message.

Today on the show, I’m celebrating this exciting 6 month milestone in my own Visionary Life by recapping what the last 6 months have looked like, what to expect in the coming 6 months, and announcing a very special GIVEAWAY!

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Kelsey Reidl
023 The "Anything But Average" Approach of a Boutique Communications Agency Called Pineapple Collective

Visionaries Emma Andres & Lynsey Walker are the founders of a boutique communications agency called Pineapple Collective. The two of them came from career-backgrounds in education, sales and marketing within the natural health industry; and after years working for other top health brands, they decided to step out on their own, combine over 10+ years of experience, and launch Pineapple Collective.

Pineapple Collective is an agency unlike the others: their 'anything but average approach' is recognizable in everything they put their stamp on!

This interview is a true inspiration if you’ve ever wanted to explore how your passions and your business can beautifully flow together. I am so proud of what they have created in just a few short years, and can't wait for everyone to get a taste of Pineapple in their mouth (or ears?)!

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Kelsey Reidl
Melissa Condotta Opened an Apothecary & Has Built a Retail + Online Business Selling Botanical Creations

When big city life didn’t feel conducive to Melissa Condotta's next steps, she and her partner packed up their Toronto condo to begin a new life near The County, and they’ve never looked back.

Her husband Sunny runs The Dog Parc (a really neat dog psychology and rehabilitation center - check it out), and Melissa spends her days crafting products for Sunday’s Company, which started as a side project back when she lived in Toronto between her and a good friend and they worked on it on, you guessed it, Sunday’s.

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Kelsey Reidl
Everything You Need to Know About Running a Coffee Shop with Sonya of The Vic Cafe in Prince Edward County

This week we are chatting with Sonya Szabo from The Vic Cafe in Prince Edward County. This is part 3 of our 4 part SPOTLIGHT PEC series.

The Vic is a quaint, cozy and insanely delicious fresh cafe and coffee shop located in Picton Ontario. Within the 4 walls of their cafe, Sonya and her husband Rick have managed to create a space where customer service is unparalleled, where menu items are thoughtfully created with your best health in mind, and where the coffee is held to the most rigorous of standards making it the best cup you’ll have during your stay.

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Kelsey Reidl
Parson's Brewery is Creating a Community Hub around their Passion for Craft Beer

Today on the show we are chatting with Samantha from Parson’s Brewery.

Samantha and her husband Chris didn’t always live in the county or have a business in beer. In fact, much of their lives were spent living in Toronto, Ontario where Chris had a career in banking and Samantha had an advertising role with Telus Communications.

Chris began brewing beers in their garage with a single 50 liter tank - and upon receiving rave reviews from thirsty friends - the business of brewing organically started to grow.

Today, Chris & Samantha have moved their life to a beautiful property just outside of Prince Edward County and have opened an adjacent brewhouse, bottle shop and community hub in a restored barn-house.

Dave and I had the chance to sip on 4 of their beers and I can truly say that they are some of the best brews we have ever tasted.

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Kelsey Reidl
Social Media: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.. & How It Affects Our Lives

Today I brought one of my very best friends on to the show to chat all-things-social-media.

Samara and I often get together over coffee and chat about our lives. We discuss the highs, the lows, the bad, the good... and I really appreciate her as a friend because I never need to filter my conversations with her. It's 100% real talk and we simply chat about what's in our head and what's on our minds.

In the case of this weeks podcast, we decided to record our conversation about all-things-social-media. The idea came from an Instagram Detox that Samara was currently doing.

I know what you might be thinking...

  • Do we really need to detox from social media?

  • Is your relationship actually that bad with Instagram and Facebook (or whichever online platforms you frequent)?

  • How much of your day is spent browsing and scrolling?

...I’m sure Samara and I are not the only ones who have considered a lot of these topics.

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Kelsey Reidl