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I'll help you get into action, so that you can grow your business.

Together, we create your comprehensive business plan, fine tune your sales & marketing skills, and launch the business of your dreams.

I've taught hundreds of people just like you how to take your idea and bring it to life through a profitable business plan.

Who do I work with?

The Visionary Business Coaching Program is perfect for you if...

  • you have an idea in your head (perhaps it's been there a long time) and you aren't sure how to get started on it
  • you're ready to challenge yourself and start building the life of your dreams
  • you are driven to succeed and crave more out of life than the typical 9-5
  • you like to infuse fun + play into your work
  • you need some accountability to get the work done so that you can start making money
  • you're ready to scale up the small business you've started


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Just imagine what life could be like...

  • To wake up inspired & motivated each day, knowing that you have a clear vision for your future and for the business you want to create
  • To have a tribe of fellow entrepreneurs & creative business owners to bounce ideas off of
  • To surround yourself with visionary minds and with a coach who has a vision for your future before you do
  • To work with a coach who truly cares about your success and understands your current struggles
  • To be excited about work, everyday
  • To find a beautiful flow of imagination paired with strategy that will lead you to massive success
  • To work when you feel inspired, whether that's a 9am to 5pm day or other!
  • To get your business up and running in 2 months so you can leave your other jobs

It’s ALL possible with
Visionary Business Coaching

The reason that I am here today to help you...

At one point, I was EXACTLY where you are... confused, yet committed to making this work.

  • I know what it's like to have ZERO idea how to scale your idea into a profitable business
  • I know what it's like to watch others create a thriving business, while you can't seem to figure out how to start
  • I know what it's like to want someone to just 'give you the secret guidebook to success' 

What helped me surpass my limiting beliefs and gaps in business skills?


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Here's what you can expect...

  • Being equipped with ALL of the tools necessary to create your full spectrum business plan
  • Full support and 24/7 e-mail access to me
  • Get your first sales so that we have proof of concept
  • Have a clear plan for the months ahead that simply require 1 hour each day for execution
  • Creating a fun & flexible work routine that fits into your schedule
  • Feelings of confidence that you're on the right path


I am so grateful to every single person that I've had the chance to work with. It is an honour for me to help you step into your fullest potential.



Over a cup of coffee, Kelsey nudged me to pursue my love & fascination with plants by starting a concrete planter pot.

She helped me come up with a unique idea of how to share and sell online.

- Greg A



I'm inspired to make positive changes to my life and my business when I work with Kelsey. Thanks for the visionary vibes.



Kelsey is a hard-worker, team-player, and forward-thinker.

She is one of the most determined and driven individuals I have had the pleasure to work with, and I can guarantee that anyone who has the opportunity to work alongside her is bound to do great things. 
Kelsey is truly a gem.

 - Laura A

Is this you?

  • Do you look at others social media channels and wonder how they continually post fresh and interesting content? I'll teach you.
  • Do you browse beautifully crafted websites and sales pages, hoping yours will one day look the same? I'll teach you.
  • Are you totally confused when it comes to setting a fair price, asking for the sale, and implementing an online payment system? I'll teach you
  • Are you wondering how you will balance your new business venture, while still balancing your other jobs & responsibilities? I'll show you the systems I use.
  • Do you believe that starting a business will be expensive and consuming of all your time and money? I'll show you ways to keep it low-cost when starting up.
  • Are you ready to move from the idea phase, to the action phase, so that you can grow your business? I'm ready to guide you.
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Visionary Business Coaching Includes...

  • Creation of a comprehensive 20 page business plan workbook that we work through together
  • A strengths finder assessment so that we can amplify what you're already great at
  • We will create a freebie (aka lead magnet) that converts people to your list
  • We will solidify all key Pillars of your business plan (mission statement, financial goals, branding, your services and product offerings, etc)
  • Creating a mood board
  • Writing your business story
  • Website checklists
  • Social media strategy
  • The top entrepreneurial tools that can help you grow quickly
  • Content creation bootcamp
  • AND SO MUCH MORE (we will customize your sessions to get you exactly where you want to go)

You also get these BONUS items...

⦁    A discovery call with Kelsey prior to your 8 week program, where we will chat about your ideas, your vision and your goals (valued at $100)

⦁    A gift from Kelsey that will arrive to your mailbox within 2 weeks of us beginning our work together  (valued at $50)

⦁    Free access to my 90 minute course 'create a profitable social media strategy for your business' (valued at $97)

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Total Investment?


*Choose to pay in 1 installment or 2 installments


Q1: What is a coach?

Coaches give information, wait for a response, and then give feedback on the response. Coaches nudge you towards taking action towards your goals, rather than allowing your life to slip by passively.

Q2: Why should I hire a coach?

You will 10x your progress towards your goals when you hire a coach. When you're working with a coach, your 10 year plan can be achieved in 1 year because you will focus on taking action to actualize your goals. 

Working with a coach is an incredible way to get un-stuck and get re-inspired to reach your fullest potential. The truth is, most of us need accountability of some sort to achieve anything great in life, because self motivation can be unpredictable and inconsistent. 

Coaches are your accountability experts that work with you closely to ensure that you meet your goals.

Q3: What results can I expect?

Client results vary based on your goals, and each program is customized to ensure that your results are achieved with ease.

Visionary Business Coaching clients complete their full spectrum business plans, get clear on their strengths, dig into the problem their product or service is here to solve, they learn how to sell and market their brand, and so much more.

Q4: What makes Visionary Business Coaching different from the rest?

Visionary Business Coaching is the culmination of my 10+ years spent working in sales and marketing for some of the MOST visionary brands I know. I've had the opportunity to work for 2 of North America's top workplaces, and through those roles I was able to learn from some of the leading minds in the business world.

I plug my clients into a powerful way of living and leading your business that flows with ease. 

Q5: How do I know if you're 'the right' coach for me?

Book a discovery call!

Q6: How much does it cost to work with a coach?

I've worked with coaches who charge $47 and some who charge $10,000. The price of hiring a coach can differ vastly from person to person.

Typically, a coach will charge at least $100 per hour.

Q7: What does a typical 1:1 coaching package entail?

Our first session together is always about exploring where you're at; doing a detailed assessment and intake, discovering your goals and timelines for goal completion, what changes we can implement immediately, (re)creating your business plan, and then homework for the following session.

In our following sessions we are moving full steam ahead! You will be given action items from each coaching session, that you can work on in between our calls. By the final session, I will make sure you've reached and achieved your initial goals, and MORE!

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One last thing...

If you've made it to the bottom of this page, I have a keen feeling that this program is going to change your life.

I have worked with countless incredible humans, just like you, to help them create and grow the business of their wildest dreams.

The Visionary Business Coaching Program was born out of the thousands and thousands of hours that I spent immersed in workshops, courses, and business growth content over the past 10 years.  I've taken the best wisdom and teachings, and I've distilled down my own business success into an 8 week program that can truly change the trajectory of your life, if you want it to.

I'm certain that by getting you into ACTION we can create so much MOMENTUM for you and your business.

My positive and excited spirit, paired with 10+ years working in sales and marketing roles have guided me to a point where I'm ready to give back and watch others reach their fullest potential.

If you're ready to learn more, let's do it.