I know that our health, our careers and our lifestyle must flow together for true harmony to exist in our life. That's why I offer 3 different styles of coaching, all which help you live your most visionary life.





Don't live in reaction-ville, live in prevention-ville!

Let's get you feeling your best so that you can live a long and vibrant life, shall we?

Visionary Health is a 4 week private coaching program that will transform your health + lifestyle routines.

It was created by Holistic Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach, Kelsey Reidl, and has been led numerous times with individuals looking to transform the way they feel and live their life.

It's the program that will help you achieve your health goals: diet, exercise, sleep, supplements and non-toxic living are just some of the topics we cover.

1:1 Health Coaching Package

In the past 5 years I’ve helped 100's of women make lasting changes to their health and well-being through measurable results.

I will work with you 1 to 1 to determine your exact goals + a process that will get you there, guaranteed.

Your life can always be re-created. You can always make lasting changes. It is never too late to feel and look your best.

This 1 on 1 online program is perfect for you if you’re looking for guidance in upgrading your current health regime. We work on nutrition + diet, exercise + movement, sleep, supplementation, mindset, health home and holistic lifestyle habits, and so much more.

Contact Kelsey for more information.

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Hey, you!

Is it time to launch the side-hustle, passion project, or business that you've always dreamed of?

Visionary Business Coaching is for those of you who are ready to take BIG action. It means you are willing to invest 4+ hours per week to create goals, systems, structure and pipelines for sales that will benefit you for the rest of your life + create residual income.

This is a signature 4 week career + business coaching program that will help you take your idea and bring it to reality will a full spectrum business plan!

1:1 Business Coaching Package

4 Week 1 on 1 Visionary Business Coaching with Kelsey.

This program is perfect for you if you're ready to pull together your business plan in just four weeks. I'll take you from nothing, to everything-you-need-to-get-clients-and-make-money in this time frame.

What you get...

⦁    4 one hour coaching sessions with Kelsey done via Skype

⦁   Weekly homework (it's fun stuff!)

⦁    Unlimited email support + weekly feedback as you work through your  business plan

**Limited Start Dates Available for 2018, Book Quickly to Reserve Your Slot

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it's time for you to live your best life.

...because life is meant to be lived, fully.



Many of you who are reading this have probably never considered hiring a coach- I get it!

2 years ago I was in the same spot. I knew I felt stuck and needed guidance and support, but assumed that I could figure it all out myself- my health, my life, my career path and business growth.

As women, we often fear what greatness would follow us from asking for help.

Once I took the leap, asked for help, and hired my first coach - everything shifted. Read more.



Client Testimonials



but before i share them, i want to let you know that I do this work because it's meaningful to me.

So, to get beautiful messages & love notes from clients is just the icing on the cake.

Much love to you all.


regarding my business coaching

...over a cup of coffee, Kelsey nudged me to pursue my love & fascination with plants by starting a business.
She helped me come up with a fun + unique idea to share & sell online.
Thank you, Kelsey!

Greg Anstett

regarding my passion + work ethic

From day one, Kelsey proved to be a hard-worker, team-player, and forward-thinker.

Her passion for the health and wellness industry as a whole showed in her work and allowed Kelsey to thrive in her career. She is one of the most determined and driven individuals I have had the pleasure to work with, and I can guarantee that anyone who has the opportunity to work alongside her is bound to do great things. Kelsey is truly a gem.

Laura Attwell / Former Manager


regarding my health coaching packages

Thank you Kelsey. Learned lots and appreciate the reminders and encouragement. Loved the concept of small steps, big impact.

Sheila Yendt


regarding my health coaching packages

Thank you Kelsey, I learned so much and will continue on the path to health.
I have been feeling so good and the weight is starting to come off.

Julie W



Social Media Consulting


Working together to support the mission statement, education goals, company values, quarterly targets, and long-term expansion plans of your brand, we will create innovative and exciting online strategies.

I will help you build community, create brand awareness, educate your community, and ultimately to drive more sales to your business.

When we work together, I take care of all social media tasks from start to finish. This includes the strategy development, planning and creation, execution of content, and reporting + follow up. In addition, I can also implement a brand ambassador or community partnership program, and assist with offline events and trade shows.