045 All About Virtual Assistants (VA's) with Tara Ritchie

Tara has a love for the internet and all that it offers. As the former owner and operator of a local social media networking group for mothers, as well as an ongoing volunteer at her daughter's school – running the fundraisers with like-minded volunteers, running the Pizza Lunch Program for 3+ years, and now, forging ahead with running her own Virtual Assistant Business.

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Kelsey Reidl
043 Season Finale, Solo Episode - Sharing Visionary HQ Updates

Oh helllllo there. Just a quick update to share what's going on over here at #visionaryHQ as we wrap up 2018. Can you even believe that NYE is just a few days away?

In this episode I am...

  • Sharing some lessons + learning's from 2018

  • Reflecting on my successes and challenges

  • Sharing which things on my vision board came true and which did not

  • Giving you an update on my WORD OF THE YEAR for 2019

  • Sharing my dreams for the future

  • + other fun life updates

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Kelsey Reidl
041 Creating a Glittery Jewel Boutique w/ Britt Hopkins, Owner of Anice Jewellery

Today’s episode features the owner of Anice Jewellery, Brittany Hopkins.

Anice Jewellery is store on Ossington Avenue in Toronto and with an online boutique. They specialize in making custom, one-of-a-kind jewellery, re-purposing old treasures to give them a new life, and working with clients to create timeless pieces.

For Britt, jewellery is more than just an accessory, it is a form of expression, an opportunity to shine, a boost of confidence, a way to connect and a symbol of love. It is her hope that you feel more than just satisfied with your Anice product, but inspired and lifted.

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Kelsey Reidl
040 Launching a Product-Based Business, Getting Shelf Space in Target Stores & Working with Your BFF w/ John of Wholly Veggie!

Today, I’m chatting with Johnathan Bonnell, co-founder of the Canadian company WHOLLY VEGGIE! that makes extremely tasty, vegetable filled foods.

Whether you’re an aspiring business owner of a plant-based foodie yourself, you’ll really love this episode!

John & WHOLLY VEGGIE! co-founder David set out to understand why people weren’t eating more vegetables. People seem to really love them…in theory. But they don’t love peeling, chopping, boiling, etc. Turns out veggies are too much work and not enough taste. So that was their goal: make vegetables easy to prepare and full of taste.

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Kelsey Reidl
039 Living Your Purpose & Growing Your Business QUICKLY w/ Cassie Day, Founder of All Day Fit & Co-Founder of Fit Escapes

This week, I have the inspiring Cassie Day, founder of All DAY FIT on the show!

All Day Fit is committed to empowering women to become stronger, in both mind and body. They believe that fitness is not punishment - it's an opportunity to understand and challenge our bodies, learn new things, get stronger, and have fun. No matter what your fitness goals are, they are here to help you pursue them!

After graduating university, Founder Cassie Day felt lost trying to find a career that suited her personality, values, and lifestyle. It was then that one of her best friends gave her the most inspirational pep talk and told her to chase what she loved.

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Kelsey Reidl
037 Marlie Cohen (Fitness & Wellness Influencer) is the founder of Kale & Krunches

This week on the show I have for you an incredible interview with Marlie Cohen, who is a wellness and lifestyle expert based in Toronto. She is also the founder of the blog + Instagram account + YouTube channel called Kale & Krunches.

After struggling to stay active and eat well in her office job, Marlie found ways to keep healthy in the workplace and began sharing these tips on her social media channels under the alias, Kale and Krunches. From clean recipes and healthy food hot spots, to new workouts and the latest activewear, Marlie loves sharing her favourite products and routines with her audience. Now a full-time content creator and fitness instructor, Marlie continues to offer her tips to achieving balance and wellness with all her readers and community.

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Kelsey ReidlComment
036 Taking Over The Family Business & Lessons in Learning as you Go

Today we’re chatting with Carolyn Gummo from City Reviva, a vintage clothing shop in Prince Edward County.

Caroyln took over a family business with next to no formal business education and is navigating the journey one step at a time. Before we started recording, we chatted about impostor syndrome. Have you ever felt this?

You know that ‘who am I to be doing this’ or ‘what do I have to share that’s worthy’.

Carolyn literally said to me before the show that she wasn’t sure she was necessarily the right person for the show… but of course, I begged to differ. I am thrilled to be able to highlight someone who is pushing their comfort zones, learning along the path, and navigating the impostor syndrome each and every day.

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Kelsey Reidl
034 Bootcamps for Change Founder Katie Heggtveit is Changing the Way We View Street Youth with Her Organization

Katie Heggtveit is the youngest visionary we've featured on the show!

She also might be the busiest, most driven woman you've EVER listened to on a podcast. Prepare to be inspired!

Katie runs her Toronto-based charity, Bootcamps for Change, while studying at Ryerson University full time. Bootcamps for Change was born after nutrition and fitness saved her life at the age of 13….

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Kelsey Reidl
032 The Story of Apple Falls Cider: Amelia went from Orchard Employee to Craft Cider Business Owner!

Amelia and Matt have been making hard cider since 2012, after they fell in love with the beverage in London, England. After successfully completing their post-secondary education, Matt and Amelia visited London, England. While they were exploring the culture in London, they stumbled upon traditional hard apple cider. From then on, they were hooked.

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031 Top YouTuber Nikole Goncalves of HealthNut Nutrition Shares How She Grew her Community to 400,000+ People!

Today on the podcast I am chatting with Nikole Goncalves from HealthNut Nutrition!

Nikole is the face behind one of the top leading healthy food and lifestyle YouTube channels in Canada called HealthNut Nutrition-- with a following of over 400K subscribers and over 26 million views.

She's a passionate "health nut" who inspires her viewers to live an active, healthy and balanced lifestyle by showing how easy and delicious it can be.

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Kelsey Reidl
030 Well To Do is Your 1 Stop (Online) Shop for ALL THINGS WELLNESS

Well To Do is Your 1 Stop (Online) Shop for ALL THINGS WELLNESS.

This week on the show I’m interviewing Eme & Alyssa from Well To Do Canada.

As we know, There's a lot of amazing stuff going on in the wellness scene these days... but where do you go to stay on top of it all?

That's where Well To Do comes in!

Well To Do is all about being your go-to for the latest and greatest in everything fitness, nutrition and wellness that Toronto has to offer.

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Kelsey Reidl
025 Zen & Tonic Wellness Clinic: How to Start a Business, Leaving Your Corporate Job, Memorable Logo Design & MORE

This week on the show I’m chatting with April + Edward from Zen & Tonic Wellness Clinic,

Zen & Tonic is a wellness space located in Toronto that began in 2016 when April & Edward decided to follow their dreams and turn their passion for wellness into a beautiful community hub.

They both shared the deep desire to educate individuals on the power of natural medicine, and ultimately, make a positive difference. So, With similar intentions, they set out on a journey to help others lead healthier, happier lives through a wellness space called Zen & Tonic.

Their philosophy is about the use of both Eastern and Western modalities for treatments and the effectiveness of your healing. The synergistic healing powers of these alternative therapies will help propel your journey back to balance.

Be sure to check out the show notes at www.kelseyreidl.com for photos of the space and a great recap of the podcast.

If you’e EVER thought about starting your own health space, wellness clinic, or fitness studio - I would highly recommend listening to this podcast or sharing it with a friend.

We chat about: Entrepreneurship, their East meets West philosophy, why April decided to leave her corporate job in pursuit of Zen & Tonic, and SO MUCH MORE!

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