074 How To Build a THRIVING Etsy Shop with Kate Shewaga, Founder of Bolt x Rally

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Kate Shewaga, Founder of Bolt x Rally


Today on the show, we have an extra special guest & long time friend of mine.. Kate!

Kate Shewaga is a plant-loving creative and flight attendant. She is the owner and creator of Bolt & Rally, an Etsy shop that specializes in happy home decor (in the form of personalized clay pots).

For over five years Kate has worked as a flight attendant for a Canadian airline, and although she still loves the flexibility, travel and perks of the job, two years ago she was itching to do something creative on her time off. After accumulating a few too many plants, Kate decided to paint her own clay pots and hand stamp cute phrases on them. They were so loved by family and friends that her fiancee (soon husband!) nudged her to try selling them online. Kate turned to Etsy, a handmade and vintage selling platform, where she opened a shop, posted a few photos, and as easy as that, Bolt & Rally was born.

What started as a side hustle and hobby quickly turned into a full-time business that Kate has poured her heart and soul into. In just over two years, the hand painted planters can be found living in 45 US States, 9 Canadian Provinces and in both the UK and Australia.

You can find Kate in Toronto where she lives with her soon-to-be husband, Jordan, and their adopted mini border collie, Pixie. Kate loves to share her travel adventures and most importantly her love of plants on the B&R instagram page, @boltandrally.

In this episode we chat about…

  • How she decided on the name Bolt x Rally

  • Balancing being a Full Time flight attendant, while also running a thriving Etsy shop

  • ETSY specific tips for those of you curious to learn more about the platform

  • She recaps the moment that the idea for Bolt x Rally came to her (& what she did next!)

  • Kate shares some of the FIRST things she did to bring this idea into reality

  • How she got her first few sales (& 100's more sales, after that!)

  • & MORE


Instagram: @boltandrally

Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/boltandrally/

Website: www.boltandrally.com


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