077 The Art of Meaningful Conversation with Alvin Pilobello, Founder of mindspaceIMPACT


Alvin Pilobello

Coach & Workshop Facilitator

Hey friends!

I am thrilled to bring you this episode with an incredible human named Alvin Pilobello, who is the founder of an emotional intelligence coaching & experiential workshop company called mindspaceIMPACT.

Ever since I met Alvin a few months back at my coworking space, I’ve loved having life & business chats with him in between our focused work sessions, and it’s been really neat to follow along his journey into entrepreneurship.

When I had the pleasure of attending one of his workshops called The Art of Meaningful Conversation.. I was blown away by the way he was able to deliver such unique information to a crowd, keeping it interactive and making it look effortless.

If you are located in the Toronto area, you MUST try and check one of his upcoming workshops out!

Alvin Pilobello founded mindspaceIMPACT in 2018, an emotional intelligence coaching and experiential workshop company, helping individuals and teams make better decisions in work projects and create stronger relationships. He discovered his passion for developing others through his leadership positions with the Water Environment Federation, leading teams across the USA and Canada to create professional development and leadership programs. Finally, Alvin has been a salsa dance instructor since 2008, helping people find their inner confidence to express themselves.

Developing better emotional intelligence has been Alvin's own journey as well, through evolving his own self-awareness and social-awareness in order to better align values and actions with his desired impact on others. Ultimately, Alvin is passionate about the art of reinvention, and helping people reinvent their perspectives, mindsets, and acting courageously on their vision, when life calls for it.

What you’re going to love about this episode is that it’s extremely relatable.

In this episode, we chat about…

  • Why Alvin left his Engineering Career 10 years into it

  • The role that self-exploration has impacted where he is today,

  • Networking tips that can help you land a dream job

  • How & why he decided to pursue a career in coaching,

  • Why he’s passionate about helping people build better relationships through meaningful conversation & being more playful,

  • How salsa dancing has become a part of his teachings

  • What to do if you’re feeling lonely

  • And why the phrase “pave your own path” does not make sense to him


LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alvinpilobello/

Instagram: @AlvinPilobello and @mindspaceIMPACT

His next event can be found here:




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