069 Lana Pribic, Boudoir Photographer, Shares That You CAN Pivot Career Paths!

A conversation with Lana Pribic, Toronto-Based Photographer


Welcome back!

I can’t wait for you to hear this episode with Lana Pribic, a photographer who specializes in Boudoir (photos taken from a women's bedroom). She is devoted to love, self love, and changing the way we interact with photos of women. Lana completed a Masters of Science in Economics, shortly after which she realized that she wanted to start a photography business instead of go down the path that was carved out for her.

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In this episode we talk about...

  • How Lana got into photography, when her education was in a totally different industry!

  • Her journey of completing her masters degree & then being unsure of her next steps

  • Course correction & why it’s okay to pivot paths when what you’re doing now is not what you want for your future

  • How to decide what you REALLY want to do with your career path, even if it’s different than what you went to school for

  • How Lana got into Boudoir photography

  • Deciding on pricing for your offer, when you first launch your business

  • Her non-negotiable health habits to stay energetic & productive as an entrepreneur

  • Lana's favourite goal-setting prompts

  • Knowing how to stand in your WORTH

  • The realities of launching a side hustle (the highs, lows, ups + downs!)

  • & so much more

Enjoy this episode with Lana and don't forget to connect with her!




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