068 JusTea is Changing The Way We Drink Tea - The Story Behind The Brand

A conversation with the team behind JusTea (Paul Bain & Russ)

Today on the show I am chatting with Paul & Russ from the company JusTea.

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JusTea is a fair-trade tea partnership with small-scale Kenyan farmers, who are on a mission to connect tea drinkers to the farmer who made their cup of tea possible. They are all about creating sustainable employment on the ground and providing customers with access to healthy new Purple Tea!

So what is purple tea you ask?

It grows naturally in Kenya from Purple Tea leaves (similar to other purple superfoods: blueberries/acai) . Purple Tea has more antioxidants than green tea (hello anthocyanins!) and half the caffeine of green tea.

JusTea has already won BC’s “Product of the Year” last year for Purple Tea and I have no doubt that with leadership from today’s guest, Paul & Russ.. they are on track to win more and more awards in years to come.

On this episode we chat about:

JusTea Promo PIN.png
  • Where the idea for JusTea came from & how it began to evolve into a business plan

  • Some of the first few steps that needed to happen, in order to BEGIN launching a packaged good

  • Their journey using crowdfunding to raise some of their initial capital

  • How they use their product packaging as part of their storytelling (you have to see this tin -- head over to my website to check it out)

  • Some of their proudest moments in launching their business

  • The incredible partnerships they have in Kenya & how they manage relationships with people halfway across the world, in different time zones

  • Their big hairy audacious goals for the future





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