065 Life's Too Short Not To Follow Your Dreams - How OneLook Launched a Production Company

Ryan & Darryl from OneLook Productions

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Welcome back!

Today on the show it's the final installment of our series with Prince Edward County Business Owners. I'm chatting with Darryl & Ryan of OneLook Productions.

OneLook Productions is a Prince Edward County based production company that provides full service real estate marketing to the Bay of Quinte, Kingston, Peterborough, Durham & Kawartha Lakes regions as well as surrounding areas.

OneLook was founded in early 2018 by Ryan Snyder and Darryl Griffioen with the goal of modernizing how real estate is marketed in more rural areas. They partner with agents to provide these marketing tools, such as video, photography and 3D tours, at an affordable price so agents can make their listings stand out. OneLook also provides corporate production and marketing services. The idea for this business came over 10 years ago when Darryl wrote a business plan for a similar company in College. Unknowingly, Ryan had also wrote a similar business plan for his program and it had come up in conversation one day. They decided that maybe some day they should follow through with the idea.

Fast forward to 2018, Darryl had just moved to Prince Edward County after living out West for the last 5 years and Ryan had been in The County for the last 7 years. After having both gone through some tragedies over the last couple of years, they decided it was time to take control of their own lives and stop working for other people. It was time to take the dive into entrepreneurship and so OneLook Productions was born!

In this episode we chat about:

  • How they decided which services to offer when launching their business

  • Pricing their offer & knowing their true worth (& not compromising!)

  • Networking tips for the new entrepreneur

  • How bombing some of their first sales pitches were actually their biggest learning moments

  • In what ways their business partnership is a lot like a marriage, and vice versa

  • The systems that they’ve adopted to scale up their success

  • What it’s like living in Prince Edward County



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