067 When Juan Bendana speaks, the audience listens

A conversation with one of Canada's Top Youth Speakers,

Juan Bendana


Today on the show we have Juan Bendana, who is one of Canada’s Top Youth Speakers.

Juan speaks at high schools, University campuses, & conferences internationally and has spoken to 1000’s of students, educators, and parents across Canada & the United States.

Through his message of Impact & Action, Juan uses storytelling, humour & music to highlight a message of Action, Leadership, Decision Making, and Impact that resonates with every audience member.

Juan brings a new energy to school campuses and conferences & His passion for helping others excel is present on and off the stage.

He had people in his life that gave him the confidence and direction to follow his passions & make an impact – He wants to give that back.

Juan currently lives in Toronto, Canada -- which is where we recorded this episode of Visionary Life!

In this episode we cover..

  • How Juan landed his very first speaking gig

  • The fine art of public speaking… and how it didn’t always come naturally to him

  • Why the $500 speaker will never get hired for the $5000 speech

  • How to build a $5000 product (this is juicy!)

  • Juan explains the workings of his mastermind with 3 other friends

  • Why it’s important to surround yourself with friends who challenge you


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