066 Should Everyone Monetize Their Side Hustles?

This week, I'm chatting with my husband, Dave all about...

  1. Whether or not all side-hustles should be monetized

  2. Is social media finally coming a place to be AUTHENTIC rather than a HIGHLIGHT REEL of our lives

  3. A quote that can make you stop assuming that people "have it all figured out"

  4. How to prioritize your time when you work full time & have a side hustle

  5. The perks & challenges of being a business owner



The Idea to Income Challenge Starts TOMORROW (Monday, June 10th!)

During this *free* challenge you will...

  • Explore your full potential and realize you are limitless

  • Discover which skill of yours can be monetized

  • Get clear on your idea & gain confidence in your abilities

  • Take *action* on bringing your biggest goals to life

Don't worry about a thing!

  • You're fully supported inside a private Facebook group

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Imagine this...

September rolls around and instead of...

  • trying to play "catch up" with your peers, who worked hard to bring their vision to life all Summer long

  • not moving the needle forward on your business ideas

  • using "there's no time" as an excuse

  • delaying getting your side-business off the ground

  • feeling guilty for slacking-off and sunbathing

  • neglecting to take action on your goals

  • allowing doubt, fear and limiting beliefs hold you back

You are...

  • equipped with all the necessary resources, support and accountability to launch & scale your business

  • generating income from your first few clients & customers

  • confident in your approach to marketing your business

  • equipped with the right mindset to attract success & opportunity

  • educating your community & delivering consistent value

  • prepared to watch your business soar with a step-by-step launch plan

Kelsey Reidl