064 Bring Your Vision To Life: Launching a Creative Arts Studio & Building an Inclusive Community

The Founders of Wild Heart Healing Arts, Megan Marie Gates and Stacey Croucher

Today on the show, I am chatting with the founders of Wild Heart Healing Arts, Megan Marie Gates and Stacey Croucher.

These 2 visionary souls have created the most magical space inside The Armoury building in Prince Edward County that offers weekly movement and meditation classes, holistic healing treatments, specialized workshops  & creative community gatherings.

If you’ve ever considered launching a business as a practitioner or health / fitness pro --- you’ll love this episode where we hear the story of how this studio came to be!

It was so fun to be able to record inside Wild Heart Healing Arts Space because it is visually stunning. One corner is chock full of beautiful plants and greenery, there are inspiring wall decorations, rock salt lamps & cozy healing vibes sprinkled throughout.

Stacey is a Registered Acupuncturist & Asian bodywork practitioner. Megan is a sound practitioner / movement teacher / passionate poet.

Both Megan and Stacey currently reside in PEC and within the past year, came together to open Wild Heart Healing Arts.

At Wild Heart, they work with a small collective of healers, teachers, and artists to empower the community to bring the sacred, meditative and beautiful into daily life. They believe in the integration of both healing & creative practices to inspire well being and meaningful connection to people from all walks of life.

I’m so inspired by these 2 humans and I know you will be, too.




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