063 An Extra SWEET Business Idea Founded by Food Network Stars, The Baker Sisters

Maple Key Tart Co.

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Today, I sit down with Rachel Smith and Jean Parker, the owners of Maple Key Tart Co which is a boutique, pop-up butter tart company operating in Toronto and Prince Edward County.

These ladies had me laughing the entire episode and not only are they hilarious on their own, but together they are quite the entertaining duo.

In this episode, we not only had some good chuckles, but we also dove into…

  • How they landed their Food Network TV show

  • How they tested their idea and got proof of concept, before scaling up the business

  • Community vs. competition

  • How they landed their retail partners

  • What it's really like being in business with family members

  • How to get comfortable pitching yourself to vendors


Born in Windsor and raised in Bayside, Ontario, baking has been an integral part of Rachel and Jeans life for as long as they can remember; as kids their single mother started a butter tart business to supplement her income. Rachel and Jean spent hours helping their mother by filling tart tins, earning 10 cents a tin!

After becoming mothers themselves , Rachel and Jean had a similar idea of wanting to start a business and that’s when they co-founded their business, Maple Key Tart co. The Baker Sisters earned their name by taking their mother’s award-winning recipe and baking in a few tweaks to create a truly delectable formula.

They make four varieties of butter tarts: classic, raisin, pecan, and maple walnut. All of their pastries are handmade using quality locally-sourced ingredients.

Rachel and Jean also became the stars of the hit TV show The Baker Sisters, in which they visit three locations to sample the food that the bakery, restaurant or deli is famous for.

Then, they head to the kitchen with the expert baker to see exactly how they make their tempting confections. From finger-licking sticky buns to mouth-watering mile-high sponge cakes, these sisters are on an exciting baking adventure to discover where, who and how North America’s most blissful goodies are made.



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