058 I Hosted The 1st Visionary Life Event: Here's How It Went!

Visionary Life: LIVE


Chatting all things:

  • Why I decided to host the Visionary Life Retreat

  • How it all came together

  • Top tips for acting on an idea

  • What types of content we covered

  • How I landed the MOST incredible sponsorship's!

Thank you to everyone who made today special. I am grateful that I know each of you & even more grateful that you’re now connected to one another!

Today’s playlist was: https://open.spotify.com/user/kelseyreidl/playlist/30lL7qei3kwkNNa3wOLJRV?si=QUgOpIrEQpWkbIAE5pXjsg

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Kelsey Reidl