055 From Freelancer to Opening a Coworking Space, Rachel Kelly from Make Lemonade Shares Her Story

Rachel Kelly from Make Lemonade

If you’re a freelancer, work remotely or have another career situation that has you working from home -- you know it can be extremely lonely.

Sure it’s got it’s perks -- I won’t deny that.. But

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While all your friends are grabbing drinks with their colleagues & playing on their work Frisbee team, sometimes solopreneurs are left wondering why they feel a sense of loneliness or not belonging.

Enter, coworking.

Working alone, together.

It’s something I began doing 4 years ago when it first became a possibility in Toronto with some of the first few spaces that popped up. SInce them, it’s become a completely normal concept and has helped millions of freelancers shift their work environment from overcrowded coffee shops to a more sophisticated space with reliable wifi, ergonomic chairs and an unlimited drip of coffee… oh ya, and awesome people to call your co-workers.

Today’s show features a conversation with Rachel Kelly, the founder of Make Lemonade Coworking Space in Toronto.

Make Lemonade is a design-forward co-working environment, where the coffee is strong, the lighting is bright, and phone calls can be made without worrying who might be making a racket beside you.

They are committed to treating all people with respect, dignity and fairness & welcome people of all backgrounds, are LGBTQ+ friendly, and encourage everyone to be themselves.

I was connected to Rachel through a mutual friend, and as someone who is obsessed with co-working I knew I needed to get Rachel on the podcast to hear about how she dreamed up, created & launched this space.

Co-working has radically shifted my life & my business, and I know it will change yours too if you ever decide to explore it.

Rachel and I had so many similarities & I found myself nodding along "yes yes yes" to this entire interview.

We recorded this quite late on a Monday night back in February  (at least late by my standards, lol) and it was a true pleasure to hear Rachel's story of figuring out what she wanted to do with her life after dabbling in many industries, traveling abroad, trying on for size a slew of volunteer positions & navigating her many interest & passions.

You can find make lemonade online at: www.makelemonade.ca/

Or, find them in person.. 326 Adelaide Street West

I'm planning to attend one of their Side Hustle Sunday's or Mixer Events, very soon - so let me know if you'd like to go!

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