052 From Thesis Project to Award-Winning Social Venture with Wize Monkey

MAX RIVEST: Founder of Wize Monkey

Wize Monkey IG.png

Wize Monkey is a Vancouver company that makes coffee leaf tea! Have you heard of it?

Max Rivest is one of the co-founders & he was such a joy to chat with & get to know.

Here's a bit of their story:

What started as a thesis project in 2013 has become an award-winning social venture and disruptor in the beverage industry. Wize Monkey takes unused coffee leaves during the 9-month-long off-season, trains farmers to ferment and craft them into premium teas, and sells them nationally in North America and across the globe via online. Not only have their products taken home ‘Best New Product’ at the World Tea Expo, but they’ve also won prestigious awards like the NEXTY Award for ‘Best Mission-Driven Natural Product’ and Small Business BC ‘Best International Trade Award’.

Instagram: @wizemonkey // Website https://ca.wizemonkey.com/

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