049 Starting a Zero Waste Business (Chatting w/ a student from The VISIONARY METHOD!)

About the Founder

Erin started this journey in 2018 when she was trying to figure out how to make a positive impact on climate change. To give you some context, Erin lived in Toronto and worked a full-time 9 to 5 corporate job. Working in a place where people threw out coffee cups in the trash and recycled their food waste, any impact she would make seemed negligible. Despite some skeptical friends she tested the feasibility of a zero-waste lifestyle by doing a 2-week zero-waste challenge with one other coworker. During the challenge she still produced some plastic waste but she realized how easy it was to make small changes to reduce the amount of waste she produced.

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In order to go the full length she needed more supplies. Zero-waste products are surprisingly difficult to find (without plastic packaging!) and especially difficult to find in Canada. This is why she created Hera & Co, to help by not only providing the supplies people need to live a zero-waste lifestyle, but also by offering some pro tips on Hera’s Blog.

Erin is just wrapping up her time as a student inside The VISIONARY METHOD & I am so proud of her journey!

Wanna learn more about The VISIONARY METHOD?

This program will cover…

  • Finding deep clarity in your business idea and learning why now is the time to bring it forward in a BIG way

  • Creating a comprehensive business plan that sets the foundation for your future success

  • Completing all of your branding: fonts, colors, themes, e-book templates, website creation, etc.

  • Discovering your niche, based on your innate strengths as an entrepreneur

  • Understanding your target market deeply, so that you can speak directly to them

  • Making promotional materials (business cards, workshops and videos)

  • Crafting and communicating your offer (your product or service!)

  • Mastering your marketing strategy and creating irresistible content

  • Building a profitable social media strategy (without being online 24/7)

  • Learning to passively generate leads in order to continually grow your audience

  • The high level routines, rituals and success habits of thriving entrepreneurs who have already made it

  • Creating your very first Sales Funnel

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