048 Design Your Work Space, Grow Your Business

In today's episode, I'm discussing the importance of creating a workspace that inspires & motivates you.

Why is this important?

  • Your best thinking cannot be done in an uninspiring space

  • You need a safe space to create & pour into your business

  • Structure & discipline happen inside of a workspace

  • You can fill it with things that motivate you and make you excited to work hard

Top tips:

  • Ask yourself if you treat your business like a million dollar business, right now?

  • How many hours per day do you actually work

  • Do you need more discipline when it comes to your business?

  • Is it time to move on from the home office?

  • Is there a corner of your home that might work to create an "office"

Share your wins with me, after hearing this episode!

If there's 1 thing I've learned as an entrepreneur, it's that we ALL get inspired in different ways, and in order for our businesses to thrive we need to create a workspace or home office that gives us all of the good vibes to hustle hard!

When I quit my full time job, I decided that it was time to create a home office I adored. A place that I could sit down & do my BEST thinking & working.

Somewhere I could settle down and let creativity flow

Somewhere I could be accountable to my goals, my due dates & big vision

Somewhere to be visually inspired as I looked around

Somewhere I felt clear on the direction I wanted to go

Somewhere with all of my favourite tools, books & resources for being an entrepreneur.

Designing a workspace you love is Step # 1 in having a thriving business as an entrepreneur!

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Did you know that I created a free workbook for you to help you DESIGN A WORKSPACE YOU LOVE?

In this free download, I'm sharing how vitally important it is for you to be *inspired* by your workspace, as a start-up entreprenuer.

Design Your Workspace.png

Designing a workspace that you love will help you increase your productivity, boost sales & perform at 2x the capacity you are now:

  • Learn about your options for designing a workspace you love vs. investing in a co-working space  

  • Assess what tools, objects & rituals are essential to you achieving flow state while working on your business  

  • Create a mood board that depicts your dream workspace!

Kelsey Reidl