023 The "Anything But Average" Approach of a Boutique Communications Agency Called Pineapple Collective

The "Anything But Average" Approach of a Boutique Communications Agency Called Pineapple Collective

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Visionaries Emma Andres & Lynsey Walker are the founders of a boutique communications agency called Pineapple Collective. The two of them came from career-backgrounds in education, sales and marketing within the natural health industry; and after years working for other top health brands, they decided to step out on their own, combine over 10+ years of experience, and launch Pineapple Collective.

Pineapple Collective is an agency unlike the others: their 'anything but average approach' is recognizable in everything they put their stamp on!

This interview is a true inspiration if you’ve ever wanted to explore how your passions and your business can beautifully flow together. I am so proud of what they have created in just a few short years, and can't wait for everyone to get a taste of Pineapple in their mouth (or ears?)!

In this episode of Visionary Life, we talk about:

  • How they launched a modern communications agency
  • The importance of getting your foot in the door when beginning a career in ANY industry
  • How to sell through education
  • The types of content you should create for your target customers
  • The difference between an Influencer vs. thought leader
  • Their favourite tools and resources to use as entrepenuers

In addition, for anyone looking to create freebies or downloadable e-books or beautifully designed content, or just anyone interested in natural health trends: head to their website and sign up for their FREE 2018 Health & Wellness Trend Guide. It’s packed with awesome content and it's very aesthetically pleasing.

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