Everything You Need to Know About Running a Coffee Shop with Sonya of The Vic Cafe in Prince Edward County

Everything You Need to Know About Running a Coffee Shop with Sonya of The Vic Cafe in Prince Edward County

This week we are chatting with Sonya Szabo from The Vic Cafe in Prince Edward County. This is part 3 of our 4 part SPOTLIGHT PEC series.


The Vic is a quaint, cozy and insanely delicious fresh cafe and coffee shop located in Picton Ontario. Within the 4 walls of their cafe, Sonya and her husband Rick have managed to create a space where customer service is unparalleled, where menu items are thoughtfully created with your best health in mind, and where the coffee is held to the most rigorous of standards making it the best cup you’ll have during your stay.

The excellence that Sonya and Rick have withheld their customer experience to can be felt from the moment you walk in. You’re a valued customer and The team at The Vic will do whatever it takes to ensure that you walk out of their cafe feeling happy.

Rick & Sonya didn’t always have the coffee shop owner dream though...

Almost by fluke, they purchased the former eatery and brought a vision for a community space to life. We dive into their entire journey throughout the podcast.

What I loved about this conversation with Sonya is that we got down to BUSINESS almost right away and chatted about all things entrepreneurship and opening a thriving cafe. We recorded this episode early one morning in her office above the cafe, as we sipped a cup of their delicious coffee.

Her and I have similar assertive personalities, driven spirits and a need for continual improvements so I truly enjoyed chatting with Sonya.

In this episode we chat about:

  • What a typical workweek of a coffee shop owner looks like

  • How The Vic choose to creatively give back to their community

  • Implementing systems that can simplify your business

  • What it’s like Being in business with your significant other

  • How to shut off work-mode and jsuts be present, as an entreprenuer

  • Staying on top of trends in your respective industries

  • And so much more!


The Vic on Instagram

Wineries in PEC to visit: https://www.princeedwardcountywine.ca/

Barista School of Ontario: https://canadianbaristaacademy.com/

Books Sonya Loves:

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The 8th Habit

Restaurant Sonya Mentions: Ray http://www.raypdx.com/

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