Nimea Ariana on Serving Your Higher Purpose, Trying Ayahuasca & Being a Visionary Artist

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This week on the show we have Nimea Ariana, a visionary artist who lives in Toronto. This episode is unlike any other in the archives, so you’ll definitely want to tune in!

From the moment I arrived at her home, I was AMAZED at her warm personality and welcoming spirit.

She lives in this gorgeous studio apartment where she can sleep, cook, and CREATE big art installations all within her home. It was really neat to be present in her work space because she was able to walk me through her different creations and explain her creative process. She really opened up to me from the moment I met her, which was really cool.

Aside from her beautiful home decor , her artistic talents, and her eye for design, Nimea is just a beautiful soul and her presence is so calming yet energetic. Welcoming me with slippers and cookies, it felt like I had known her for years.

In this episode, Nimea and I chat about….

  • The internal struggles she experienced as a child and how she navigated that
  • The car accident & trip to Costa Rica that changed her life
  • Why she moved to New York City with no job and how it all ended up working out
  • Manifestation
  • What is means to be a visionary artist & designer.. And not being afraid to create your own job title
  • The natural evolution that comes when you’re your own business
  • Finding a balance between work & play
  • How she stays inspired & creative while working from home

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Things we chat about on the episode:

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