Laura from Elemental Shift Co. Chatting About The Car Accident That Completely Changed Her Life

Laura of Elemental.png

Has there ever been an event in your lifetime that completely derailed the course of your life and set you off on an entirely new path?

Maybe it was a breakup, a career transition, losing a loved one, or in the case of this weeks guest Laura… a devastating car accident.

Laura experienced a major change in perspective after a car accident left her to discover who she was, what her purpose was, and what she was really here to accomplish in this lifetime.

Laura founded a photography company called Elemental Shift Co.

Elemental Shift Co is a boutique creative agency that specializes in personal brand photography, design and consulting. They capture your brand and style and tell your story through visual images.

In this episode we chat about:

  • Ending her long term relationship

  • Taking a leave of absence from work to find her true passions

  • Why hiring a professional photographer & personal branding consultant is important when starting a business

  • Making major changes, even when they feel hard

  • Finding the beauty in the breakdown

  • Tips for keeping a positive mindset

  • & so much more!

Things mentioned in this episode:



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