Mariah Craig on Living w/ Lyme Disease, Shifting to a 100% Plant Based Diet, and Launching Her Biz

Today on the show we have Mariah Craig from @socialbynature_ ⠀

Mariah and I have known each other since our days working at Vega and since then-- we’ve remained good friends and supported each others entrepreneurial journeys through the highs, the lows and the in-betweens (and there have been MANY for both of us!).⠀

Both of us had struggles with our previous jobs. Dabbled in many business ventures. And have ultimately found our true calling through much experimentation.⠀

I love that Mariah is so multi-talented and multi-skilled. She’s worked in SO many different roles and in-turn has a wealth of skills that she now applies to her business, Social by Nature (a digital consulting company for health and wellness brands). A true testament that no job is a waste of time. And there’s always something to be learned.⠀

On this episode we cover so much on Mariah’s Visionary Life.⠀

  • Finding plant-based eating⠀
  • Living with Lyme disease⠀
  • Opening & closing a catering business, Murr's Menu⠀
  • & launching Social By Nature, a company that specializes in social media content and strategies for Health & Wellness businesses⠀
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