Laura Hughes on Fusing Modern Medicine & Ancient Wisdom

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Do you have any interest in the following topics:⠀

-- finding ways to practice your job 'outside of the 4-walls'⠀
-- shifting career paths ⠀
-- Naturopathic Medicine⠀
-- for my entrepreneurs; how to stay inspired to get stuff done w/o a boss looking over your shoulder⠀
-- energy healing, spirit guides, and intuition⠀
-- self-help junkie⠀
-- the beautiful self-directed health care community that is doTERRA⠀
-- network marketing for professionals⠀
-- crystals & mediums & essential oils⠀

Okay, chances are you said yes to one of the above. Soooo I think you're going to love this interview with @drlaurahughes. She's a PhD holder, Naturopathic Doctors.. and then heard the call of Doctor-Heal-Thyself and she radically changed her mind + body + life.⠀

I'm grateful to our mutual doTERRA businesses that brought us together for this enlightening convo. Go check it out!