Becka Crowe (aka Going Grainless) on Being Let Go From A Dream Job, Intention Setting, & Re-Branding Your Business

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Hi friends– welcome back to the Visionary Life podcast.

I had many of you asking what the heck a visionary life is, where I came up with the idea, and where to learn more– so I recorded an impromptu Facebook Live video from a phone booth in Toronto (an indoor soundproof phone booth at my coworking space) to quickly explain.

Today on the show, we have Becka Crowe!

Becka is the blogger behind the holistic lifestyle blog Going Grainless & she is the co-host and producer of the Vibe Tribe Wellness podcast

Her and I share a similar story in our career paths– namely, being let go from “dream jobs” and finding the silver lining in moving on from them to find what we were REALLY here to do.

Becka has a passion for real food, holistic health, personal growth, non-toxic beauty, developing grain free recipes and so much in between.

What started as a food sensitivity inspired Becka to create her 100% gluten and grain free recipe account. A true testament that sharing what you are PASSIONATE ABOUT can lead to incredible businesses– whether planned or unplanned!

No matter where you are in YOUR journey, I think Becka’s story is so relatable.

We chat about: what to do about the things that excite you, hosting 3 day business retreats for yourself, the power of self talk and affirmations, re-branding a business successfully, and SO MUCH MORE!


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