Courtney Fonseca on being 50% Tupac, 50% Deepak & a Mothr Hustlr

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This week on the Visionary Life podcast we have my beautiful friend @courtneyfonseca. ⠀

Self-described at 50% Tupac, 50% Deepak, and a Mothr Hustlr.⠀

As a mama of 2 boys, a wife, and the woman behind the brand new wellness collective @hustlandflow I am soooo excited for you to listen to this episode.⠀

We chat about:⠀

-- moon rituals, crystals and sprituality⠀
-- effective sales and closing techniques⠀
-- the vision behind her new fitness studio
-- woo-woo habits
-- managing many roles as a busy mom & business owner⠀

& so much more!