040 Launching a Product-Based Business, Getting Shelf Space in Target Stores & Working with Your BFF w/ John of Wholly Veggie!


With John of Wholly Veggie!

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Welcome to one of our FINAL episodes of 2018!

Today, I’m chatting with Johnathan Bonnell, co-founder of the Canadian company WHOLLY VEGGIE! that makes extremely tasty, vegetable filled foods.

Whether you’re an aspiring business owner of a plant-based foodie yourself, you’ll really love this episode!

John & WHOLLY VEGGIE! co-founder David set out to understand why people weren’t eating more vegetables. People seem to really love them…in theory. But they don’t love peeling, chopping, boiling, etc. Turns out veggies are too much work and not enough taste. So that was their goal: make vegetables easy to prepare and full of taste.

With that in mind, they chatted up a chef and presented a seemingly impossible task: Make us a veggie dish that even the laziest meatatarian would eat. One that was filled with good quality vegetables and free of the bad stuff that freaks everyone out. After 27 versions and countless taste tests, they struck gold.

I’m so thankful that Jonathan made the time among his CRAZY schedule to come record this podcast with me at my Co-working space. You must get your hands on some wholly veggie products next time you’re grocery shopping and please snap a screenshot and share the episode if you’re listening.

In this episode we hear all about the business story of WHOLLY VEGGIE! Including how Johnathan met his co-founder, what he was up to before becoming an entrepreneur, how they launched their business, the challenges of daily operations, and some of the biggest and most exciting milestones that these ambitious entrepreneurs have hit!


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