041 Creating a Glittery Jewel Boutique w/ Britt Hopkins, Owner of Anice Jewellery

Creating a Glittery Jewel Boutique w/ Britt Hopkins, Owner of Anice Jewellery


Today’s episode features the owner of Anice Jewellery, Brittany Hopkins.

Anice Jewellery is store on Ossington Avenue in Toronto and with an online boutique. They specialize in making custom, one-of-a-kind jewellery, re-purposing old treasures to give them a new life, and working with clients to create timeless pieces.

For Britt, jewellery is more than just an accessory, it is a form of expression, an opportunity to shine, a boost of confidence, a way to connect and a symbol of love. It is her hope that you feel more than just satisfied with your Anice product, but inspired and lifted.

Brittany has hosted workshops that I’ve brought my family to, she helped Dave and I craft the perfect wedding bands, and I’m been in awe of the magical space that she’s created.. which feels more like your best friends home, rather than a retail shop.

Her energy is magic, her business is growing at a rapid rate (at the time of this recording, Britt was expanding into the upper 2 levels of her building: a space that will allow for an in-house office, and a dedicated workshop space)

She doesn’t shy away from sharing that it’s not all glittery when you have your own business! With every milestone she’s hit, there have been accompanying challenges. She's real, she's savvy & she's a true inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs.

I hope you feel inspired after hearing her story. I’m excited to bring you this interview 6 years after meeting Britt in a muay thai studio, taking spin classes together.

Let’s dive in!



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