038 How To Start a Healthy, Fresh Cafe + Restaurant with Simple Kitchen Founder Erin Baric

038 How To Start a Healthy, Fresh Cafe + Restaurant with Simple Kitchen Founder Erin Baric

Formerly a teacher with structured hours, consistency in her workweeks and all the lovely stability of things like predictable paychecks, pension + benefits & holidays, Erin Baric (founder of The SImple Kitchen) traded in her life as a teacher so that she could follow her true calling, which was entrepreneurship.

From flipping 100’s of homes & navigating her way through real estate market, to opening one of Toronto’s best & most well-respected fresh wholesome & allergen free cafes, Erin is a true force to be reckoned with.

The Simple Kitchen offers tasty and wholesome meals made with fresh, unprocessed ingredients and superfoods. If you're ever in Toronto, I highly suggest visiting!

In this episode we chat about…

Erin 2.png
  • What makes the cafe + restaurant unique and different from the many other healthy cafes around the city

  • The perks & challenges of managing a restaurant (Erin is VERY open + real)

  • Her experiences hiring paid influencers vs. receiving organic mentions + tags (which one works better!?

  • How they managed to gain the trust of Toronto’s NHL team, The Toronto Maple Leafs, and create menu items with players names on the

  • Plans for future growth of The Simple Kitchen (you'll want to know where location # 2 is!

  • & so much more

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