036 Taking Over The Family Business & Lessons in Learning as you Go


Welcome back! Sorry that I'm late.... will you forgive me!?

Today we’re chatting with Carolyn Gummo from City Reviva, a vintage clothing shop in Prince Edward County.

Caroyln took over a family business with next to no formal business education and is navigating the journey one step at a time. Before we started recording, we chatted about impostor syndrome. Have you ever felt this?

You know that ‘who am I to be doing this’ or ‘what do I have to share that’s worthy’.

Carolyn literally said to me before the show that she wasn’t sure she was necessarily the right person for the show… but of course, I begged to differ. I am thrilled to be able to highlight someone who is pushing their comfort zones, learning along the path, and navigating the impostor syndrome each and every day.

She may not fully identify as a visionary yet, but I see it shining in her SO bright. It’s so special.

City Revival is SUCH a gem in The County. You MUST visit if you go to PEC in Ontario.

Here are 6 important things that I learned from Carolyn in this episode!

City Revival 2.jpg
  1. Ask for help BEFORE you burnout

  2. Get inspired when you travel: seek out the type of businesses you love for inspiration and explore new spaces when you're away from home

  3. Outsource the things that you don’t feel strong doing

  4. Infuse FUN into your workplace

  5. Get your foot in the door to start your career

  6. A morning run can change your day

Once again, I was lucky enough to partner with Prince Edward County and the community development department to bring you this episode, so I want to say a massive thank you to them for believing in me and for their willingness to support this series, highlighting the incredible talent among the visionary entrepreneurs in the area.

I would highly encourage anyone who is interested in learning more, or potentially exploring new opportunity in life or career, to head to www.buildanewlife.ca and check out their blog which shares the stories of their residents.

I’m truly honoured to be able to share a little piece of the magic that’s happening right now in the county with you, in hopes that we can all pull a little bit of this magical energy into our own lives.



Kelsey Reidl