033 Alison Westlake is the Visionary Woman who Founded Coriander Girl (A Flower Shop, Instagram Account & Lifestyle Brand)

033 Alison Westlake is the Visionary Woman who Founded Coriander Girl (A Flower Shop, Instagram Account & Lifestyle Brand)

Today on the show, I am chatting with Alison Westlake… the glowing woman behind Coriander girl.

Coriander girl is floral service business that has been championing the bespoke, garden-style movement and helping narrow the gap between farmer and florist. Their company Mission is to Spread love through the magnificence of flowers.

Alison is the founder and an absolute joy to be around. She is bubbly, fun, smart, and has been running her business for over 10 years. With shops in both Toronto and Prince Edward County she is a true testament to creating and living a life and business you love.

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More on Coriander Girl:

Our full service floral boutique in the heart of Toronto’s west end offers everything from same day flower pick up and delivery, as well as complete wedding and event floral design. Our arrangements are inspired by the natural growth of an English-style garden—always unique, with inspired colour palettes and uncontrived shapes.

Our latest endeavour is our 15-acre farm in Prince Edward County, now home for us at the Coriander Country House. A bit of Town and a bit of Country, we are forever roused by the wild and ever-changing beauty that surrounds us.

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