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LEVEL 3: BUILD An income to replace your current one





hey visionary, did you know...


doTERRA is the largest essential oil company in the world, producing the highest quality oils with the most rigorous standard.

They are a MASSIVE part of the trillion dollar wellness industry, allowing them to make huge impact on healthcare.

Partnering with people like you & I to share their products, we have the chance to make serious impact on the health of this world.


take the first step by purchasing oils from me.

STEP 1: Order the oils.

STEP 2: Start integrating powerful natural remedies into your life, with my support. We always begin your journey with a private call, with me and you.

STEP 3: Reap ALL of the benefits of being part of my community: tons of support, access to our online user forums, diffuser blend e-book, 30% back in free product points, etc.

The perks are endless. You'll adore this journey to better health. 

Begin with oils.


commit to bettering your health on a monthly basis.

The people who do so not only reap the most financial benefit (you can save 30% with a monthly loyalty order), but I've also come to recognize that those people who order their products monthly from doTERRA instead of the drug-store, experience the most profound changes in their health.


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share the visionary lifestyle with your friends & family

By doing so, you easily acquire your monthly order from doTERRA free. Ask me how.

{it generally takes about 3-6 months but it's 100% worth it}


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not for everyone: working closely with me 1:1 each week to build a financial pipeline that will replace or multiply your current income

I will only offer this to people who are excited to work together and duplicate my success.

Requirements: on a natural health journey of your own, and love doTERRA oils!



There are 7 billion ways to build this business. No two people do it alike.

when we partner, here's what happens...

Building a business as a health leader + entrepreneur + visionary life coach is going to be the best decision of your life. I'm gonna go as far as to PROMISE you this ;)

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  • To launch, we have weekly calls
  • Once you hit Elite, you'll be gifted (or reimbursed) with the Gallup Strengths Finder Test so that you can feel confident leading your newly formed wellness team
  • Once you hit Premier, you'll be gifted with the doTERRA Yoga Collection Oils which will help you Align, Arise and Anchor into this beautiful new leadership rank
  • Once you hit Silver & beyond... well, I can't spoil that. Let's start with small steps, first ;)