Online Business Mastery for Nutritionists, Health Coaches & Wellness Entrepreneurs

Online Business Mastery for Nutritionists, Health Coaches & Wellness Entrepreneurs

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This program is for Nutritionists, Health Coaches and/or Wellness Practitioners who are looking to build (or transition to) a THRIVING online business which allows them to hustle less, earn more, and expand their impact.

In today's world of online shopping and asking Siri or Alexa to recommend a health coach to us... it's imperative that your business is online if you want to generate limitless sales. 

By offering your services to a global community, you can enter the next wave of your business that you never even thought was possible. 

Get ready to find clarity in your business model, create a high ticket service or program based on your strengths, and expand your influence while you attract a steady flow of clients.

If you’re joining this group you likely aspire to achieve some of the following...

  • Get more clients without hustling all day & night to find them

  • Build high-ticket online programs that pay you residual income for years to come

  • Work smarter, not harder as you refine your business model

  • Close down your brick & mortar business (if applicable) in favor of being 100% online

  • Quit your ‘other’ part and full-time jobs so that you can focus on your true passion, your health coaching career

  • Abandon the current rat race that is causing you stress + anxiety

What's included?

  • Eight 90 minute coaching sessions (over 8 weeks)

  • Weekly Q&A with Kelsey

  • Free coaching tools for your health + wellness business


  • Monthly challenges

  • Strategies to book more clients or sell more services



About Kelsey:

  • As a nutritionist and health coach myself, I get it

  • I’m an RHN, i’ve taken 4 years of schooling in marketing, i’ve done certifications in online marketing and visual design, i’ve built an online business that gives me to freedom to work from anywhere and with the clients of MY choice

  • My background is in marketing + sales, so that’s why I’m so passionate about teaching other health coaches how they can get away from the 1 on 1 client model and build a pipeline that works for them long-term

(Registered Holistic Nutritionist, RHN and Business Coach)