Hey, I'm Kelsey!

A multi-passionate entrepreneur with a heart for showing others how to create their most visionary life.

Along my own journey of building a life I was proud of (more on that, below) I found an intense desire to help others do the same.

Today, I am SO passionate about coaching creative and driven humans how to turn their business IDEAS into ACTION (with ease!) using proven sales and marketing strategies.

In doing so, I have become known for plugging my clients into the resources and tools that allow them to create abundance, discover their strengths and find consistency in their daily actions that lead them to massive success.


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In 2012 I completed my business degree in Human Resources, but the thought of working a 9-5 desk job felt so misaligned for me that I knew I needed to continue searching for my true calling.

I picked up serving jobs to make extra money & then set off to travel and work abroad in Switzerland with my boyfriend (now husband) for 2+ years. It was then that I began to explore my strengths as a leader (aka Camp Counselor + Camp Director) & I solidified my love of nature, adventure, community & un-structured jobs.

Upon my return home, I enrolled to study at The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition where I became a Holistic Nutritionist (I am now a teacher at the school, years later!). Once I finished the program, I began coaching clients how to make changes to their diet that were reflective of their unique goals, and fell in love with coaching as a way to change lives.

I loved helping clients make micro changes to their health habits that resulted in massive impact on their lifestyle, through simple food swaps & time-honoured coaching techniques.

For years, I kept my nutrition coaching business as a side-hustle while I worked for some of Canada’s top health food companies in Sales & Marketing, growing their brands and making an impact with products and services that I knew would change lives. During these years, I became obsessed with entrepreneurship + online marketing, and proceeded to enrol in courses that would further my expertise in areas like Digital Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Visual Design, Copywriting, Course Creation, etc.
(read all about the ways I’ve invested in myself, here).

I was so passionate about chatting business growth that I decided to close the doors to my nutrition practice, quit my full time gigs 1 by 1, and open up my coaching & consulting services. I began working with brands to build their social media, their websites, sales and marketing strategies, and I got my first taste of the freelance life. I was hooked and completely addicted to this newfound freedom (even though I was working harder than ever!) and I have never gone back, since!

I am obsessed with the idea of creating not just a business that I love, but also creating a holistic lifestyle that supports my health, my daily routines and my day to day tasks as a business owner.

I believe that in order for our businesses to thrive and grow, business owners need to take care of themselves, invest in themselves & cultivate a high level of belief in the life they’re creating, every single day.

That's why I created the Visionary Life Community, which is made up of visionary entrepreneurs (& aspiring entrepreneurs) who are creating the life & business they love, simultaneously. We are a group of passionate entrepreneurial spirits who value their health, daily routines for success, and businesses and/or career paths.

In 2017 I started the Visionary Life podcast, follow by a private Facebook community, and then in 2018 I officially launched private & group coaching services (The VISIONARY METHOD).

If you’re still reading this, please reach out and connect with me because I love getting to know members of our visionary community!



  • Are you looking for a coach to help you get clear on your next steps?

  • Do you have goals + dreams that you're ready to actualize?

  • Are you confused on what you should be doing right now in order to advance your purpose, passion & career path?

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  • I’m a foodie, fitness junkie (love a good spin class), and natural health lover

  • I learn something every single day (podcasts, books, blogs, conversations, thoughts)

  • I teach from what I know, what I’ve gone through, and my life experiences

  • I’m an optimist

  • Visionary is my favourite word

  • I love finding the good in people and helping them uncover their strengths

  • I enjoy a good bowl of gluten-free pretzels, a craft beer or glass of wine, and snuggles with our dog after a long day

  • Travelling gives me the most perspective on life and my business, so I book adventures multiple times per year (peru, belize & switzerland are some of my most loved destinations)

Everyday of our lives CAN be exciting, adventurous and lived in a visionary state
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I'd love to get to know you better!

Would you send me a quick e-mail (click here) and tell me:

1) About your current career path

2) One thing you do each day, to feel amazing

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Be a visionary, for a change!