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This community was born to serve the current & future visionaries who have a drive to do something a little bit different with their lives-- whether that's achieving their peak state of health, growing a creative business, or living an inspired life.

If you’re at a point where you feel stuck and unfulfilled in your current routine (whether that's your daily workouts, your current 9-5 that's sucking your soul, or the people who surround you), I don’t want you to be discouraged and say “I’m not a visionary”. We all go through phases & seasons, you're not alone!

I’m positive that we all have a little bit of visionary inside of us— but for many, somewhere along the line someone told you to play small and play safe. To hide your truest self. To follow society rather than your heart. 

This community is here to connect you with the tools & resources to live your most Visionary Life and to create the business of your dreams. I say this with confidence because I've seen results in my own life, and in the lives of my peers, team members, and coaching clients.

My true passion is to help you begin living your OWN most visionary life, instead of watching others live out theirs. It's your time to soar, if you're ready.



When you join our community... we have Justin Beiber dance parties and talk about all things life + health + entrepreneurship.

What the heck is a VISIONARY LIFE, anyways?


In all honesty, I am not surprised that people ask me this often-- because "visionary life" is a phrase that I made up! Yepp, it's 100% my own lingo. Let me explain what it's all about...

The back-story of why I started sharing my pursuit towards live my best life is simple:

I saw a lot of unhappiness & unconscious living around me... I heard a lot of complaining... I saw very little action being taken... and I knew that life was meant to be lived fully & passionately, not on autopilot in a job we hate.

Here are 3 things that define what it is to live the #visionarylife

#1 It’s a life of limitless potential

Visionaries don't let a lack of skill stop them from chasing their goals. They know deep-down that they are limitless in what they accomplish, if they set their mind to it.

#2 It’s a life for people who want *more*

Let me tell you straight up -- pursuing a visionary life is not easy! (especially because it goes against the grain of the "standard" trajectory) and it is certainly not for everyone. There are many people who love the stability of living and dying in the same town, working a job for 50 years, living life in a typical orderly fashion & not disturbing the status quo (& that's OKAY!)

However, visionaries want more!

They ask..."what else is out there" or "I wonder what is possible" or "I'm curious how others have done what I want to do"

#3 It’s a life that values peak health, joyful daily routines, and a career path that allows you to utilize your strengths and skills  

Life, health and business are not separate entities. You need a good grip on all 3 to find success in each area (which is why I brand The VISIONARY METHOD as Holistic Business Coaching).

If you dread each workday, feel unfulfilled through your job, or hate your boss... there is an imbalance in your life that will eventually impact your health & happiness. Everything is connected & we must understand this before achieving massive success in our lives & businesses.

Want to learn more about The Visionary Life?

The best place to keep digging is on my website.



p.s when I realized that more than 50% of my visionary community members were unhappy in their jobs, I decided I needed to be part of the solution. That’s why I created The VISIONARY METHOD 90-day business coaching program. It won't kick off again until Summer but you can always sign up for the waitlist & get an exclusive "Idea to Income" workbook so that you can get started on building your empire.