When I first began my journey with oils, I felt lost. I used oil of oregano, and sometimes peppermint or lavender, but the other bottles sat on my shelf unused. I felt overwhelmed…

So instead of putting the oils away on shelf to collect dust, I put them front & center in our home.


  • I put lavender beside our night stand.

  • I threw peppermint into my gym bag.

  • I kept lemon in the kitchen.

  • On Guard was kept beside our diffuser.


... And something incredible happened. I started using these oils DAILY to up-level my health. And it WORKED. I felt amazing.


i want you to feel the energy, the empowerment, and the glow that i experienced when began incorporating regular oil usage into my life.


The “go to” oil bible is called My Essential Life. I highly recommend you purchase a copy. Until then, I suggest watching my Essential Oils masterclass, and browsing the usage guide that I've created for you.





doTERRA also does a great job at giving the details research + usage instructions for all of their oils.


For product information pages, click the oil of your choice!

Lavender||  Peppermint

On Guard  ||  Lemon

Breathe|| Digest Zen


oils love + incredible testimonials.


Allie Dusome

Culinary Nutrition Expert & Nutritionist


I knew about oils before I met you, but Kels honestly you have made me fall in love with them more than I thought possible.
More specifically, I've fallen in love with how much they can affect mood.

Thank you for sharing your passion. Your light is shining bright girl.


Kelsey told me that learning to use essential oils can be life changing. It truly has been for me.

It is ending up to be a pleasant unexpected gift that is helping me to recover, build strength & find comfort, experience more rest, enjoy living a healthier lifestyle, and utilizing healthy coping mechanisms.

I'm learning right now in all of my personal therapy that I am worth it. And, I'm definitely worth the MUCH better quality of doTERRA essential oils for aromatherapy and all of the other awesome uses!

Testimonial 2.jpg

Regina B

Daily Oils User