Coaching Services.

work with me, and pave the way for your brighter future.




  • First, we evaluate your key pillars - Health, Business & Lifestyle
  • Second, we begin to work on whichever pillar is top priority
  • Third, we connect daily or weekly (depending on your goals) to align your actions with your key pillars before we move onto the next

The support that I offer my coaching clients is unparalleled.

Read on to find our why I give my clients my best!

I know you deserve it all in this lifetime.

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed 24 hours a day-- yet somehow, somewhere along the line-- someone told us that we had to work jobs we disliked, run away from our families for 8+ hours per day while dropping the kids at daycare or school & that maternity leave was dictated by someone else's timeline, that 9-5 are the hours you need to get your work done, and other craziness.

I learned in my 20’s that I could not leave my future in someone else’s hands. Looking back, it’s all become clear to me that these stressful life events were just preparing me to create my own business, Visionary Life, where I could coach others to be their own best advocate for their health, their life and their business.


Thisis me, in my happy place. My home office. This is where Visionary Life was born. Now-- I spend most of my days working from home or sometimes at my co-working space, often meeting up with my local team for a coffee or glass of wine to strategize & plan the ‘next phase’ of our growth!

* if you’re in Toronto, I look forward to meeting up with you!


Life by design. It feels really good.

Just don’t let anyone tell you it’s easy, cause it certainly involves hard work!

I teach a lot of workshops on why the current career path is not going to be around much longer-- if this interest you, click the link above to watch “The New Normal in our Career Path”