Our team gets a LOT of questions about doTERRA essential oils & why they're so powerful.

We know that many of you also want to know about the business model, how this 'network marketing thing' really work and how you can jump in!


Essential Oil FAQ

What’s the difference between doTERRA & Saje?

I'm not here to compare, but I do want to educate you on some of doTERRA's competitive advantages!

The major things are co-impact sourcing, the transparency with purity testing (no other company has anything remotely close to]), all of the scientific research supporting quality & efficacy are directly related to doTERRA oils. Also, the partnerships with mainstream science and medical professionals speaks volumes about how much doTERRA is respected in the community.

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Why wouldn’t I just buy essential oils from the mall?

In the end, convenience is important when making any purchase... and sometimes that mall is within reach. But, I want to share something amazing and that is that doTERRA delivers direct to your doorstep within 3-5 business days! There's no greater way to stay on top of your healthcare game than to have things delivered with ease.

Also, the employees at the mall don't usually add you on Facebook and lend you support anytime.

I don’t feel comfortable with online ordering.

Don't worry, I'll help you! I can walk you through the online process step by step, where everything is secure and your information is protected through doTERRA's platform.

How do I start Green-Cleaning?

With essential oils!

In order to get started with green cleaning you only need a few simple supplies like doTERRA On Guard Cleaner Concentrate, Lemon Essential Oil, doTERRA Purify Essential Oil, Baking Soda, and White Vinegar. Once you purchase, I'll share my recipe book with you.

Why doTERRA?

Cap Sticker.png
  • Because of the cap stickers, that’s why (not even joking...)

  • But, truly... it's the purity, the CPTG stamp, the 3rd party testing, the mission statement, the co-impact sourcing, the partnerships with days for girls and operation underground railroad, and sooo much more.

Why are the oils not Certified Organic?

Many of doTERRA's essential oils are certified organic, others are ECOCERT, and some do not have any certification.

The reason for this is because doTERRA sources  from so many developing countries. The certification requirements and availability differs from country to country. Some countries don't even have a certification offering and it's extremely costly for a small farm to certify, when it expires 1 or 2 years later. 

Here's what you can rest assured knowing:

  • Pesticides and herbicides are not used
  • Organic is not printed on the label because each lot of essential oil has different certifications. Some of our Ylang Ylang may come in with organic certification and another lot may not have the certification. These two lots meet the very same quality standards. They go through the same battery of tests and are both certified not to contain pesticides, herbicides, fillers, synthetics, or added natural compounds. There is no difference in the quality or purity. One producer simply paid a fee to be certified organic and another did not
  • doTERRA works with top testing centers and analysts to ensure your oils is BEYOND organic quality

Business FAQ

Coming Soon.

In the meantime, if you're ready to start your doTERRA biz click here and let me know!

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