The Visionary Signature 10 x 45 minute sessions

The Visionary Signature 10 x 45 minute sessions


10 Week Private 1:1 Coaching with Kelsey (+ BONUS SESSION!)

First, we assess your goals.

Second, we go full speed ahead to reach them! I’ve got the tools & I can’t wait to help you.

- Kelsey

What you get...

10 x 45 minute coaching sessions with Kelsey done via Zoom (which is similar to Skype)

  • Bonus 1 hour intro session

  • Weekly homework & access to my project management tools

  • Access to my online course “Build Your Profitable Social Media Strategy”

  • Unlimited email support + weekly feedback

  • 100’s of pages of workbooks from my paid programs

  • Podcast interview with Kelsey to promote your brand + business

Let's do this!


It has NEVER been easier to start a business in this day in age.

But, it's also never been more challenging to navigate through the amount of information and stimulus to get the info that you REALLY need to launch your business.

You could spend hours looking for the perfect book about business, listening to all the podcasts about entrepreneurship, and meeting with all the mentors in your city.... but while you're doing that, are you taking any action on your dreams?

Nope. And that's what you need. A-C-T-I-O-N!

Well my friend, I'm your girl to get you into momentum.

I work with my clients on building the foundation of their dream business: the business plan, the marketing strategy, the sales process, the vision behind it all... and so much more!


I hear it everyday from my clients... they say, "I just want a job that I actually care where I feel fulfilled and have more freedom"

It brings me back to the days where I had nothing but my 9-5 job and would long to create something meaningful (that would bring in great income, too!)

It took me a while to get from the 'idea' of it to taking real ACTION.

In fact, I needed a coach.. someone to guide me and share the path to success.

But let's back up. 

How do you know if you're ready to create a business plan or launch the business that you've been imagining? Is this program right for you?

⦁    you're craving action
⦁    you're driven to succeed and see paychecks from your own business
⦁    you've got a positive attitude
⦁    you feel stuck & unmotivated in your current work situation
⦁    you dream of being the CEO of your time + freedom + path to success
⦁    you've lost inspiration for the work you're currently doing
⦁    you're sick of watching OTHERS create their dream lives while you succumb to the current reality of yours

Here's what is in store for you...

⦁    get in alignment with a job that works for you, and with you... because it's your idea (if you don't know what that is yet, don't worry, we will get you there)
⦁    unlimited creativity and freedom
⦁    no longer needing to report in to a work environment that makes you feel ill and uninspired

I'm here to support you because I've been where you've been...

⦁    Lost in your own ideas.. and not sure where to start or how you'll make money
⦁    Sick of building someone else’s business with your prime work hours each day
⦁    Not able to show up for your family, your partner, and your relationships fully because work is draining you
⦁    Feeling totally misaligned with the work you're currently doing at your job
⦁    Not surrounded with the right community who can life you up, and inspire you

Here's what you're getting from The VISIONARY METHOD *Signature* 1:1 Private Coaching

⦁    CLARITY: Get clear on what your strengths are, what skills you have that can earn you money, and what direction you're headed
⦁    CREATE: The framework for your business
⦁    PLANT SEEDS: Find your mentors, your ideal clients, and begin letting people know you're up to something big
⦁    UNDERSTAND: Social media, closing a sale, building a website
⦁    ATTRACT: Your first client!
⦁    SELL: Them on your product or service - learn how to close with confidence
⦁    DECIDE ON YOUR FULL TIME JOB: How can you scale this up?


  • We meet 1x weekly online for 10 consecutive weeks (+ bonus session)

  • We chat through the weekly milestone, we review your action items from the previous week and I help you tweak anything that needs changing, then we talk about next steps, you get homework, done!

  • If you ever feel stumped, you have unlimited e-mail support from me throughout our coaching

I can't wait to help you get your business plan in order so that you can launch, and then grow your business to replace your current income. 

Looking for a payment plan? I’ve got you covered!

Growth follows action, so let's go!

I won't sugar coat it, this program will require you to work (hard!).

But, the outcomes at the end of our time together are invaluable. I know from my own experience of working with coaches that oftentimes, what we need in addition to the business planning is accountability to get it done!

If this sounds like you, let's chat!

Book a free 15 minute call with me and let's explore whether this program is right for you.