3 Ways to Easily Grow Your Network Marketing

**I am not affiliated with any Network Marketing companies, but believe in the business model and love helping those who are building MLM businesses to grow & scale their visions!

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HELLO! Have we met?

I'm Kelsey.

Former holistic nutritionist, turned network marketer, turned online course creator & business coach.

Yepp, I spent 2 years growing a network marketing business (but decided to give it up about 1.5 years ago)!

Did you know that?

One of the most effective strategies that I used to grow my network marketing business to a level that less than 20% of people will ever reach was SO SIMPLE...

Yet, I've never shared it before.

Keep reading if you want to know what it was 😉

(how's that for suspense... lol)

Okay so here's the juice.

When i was building my Network Marketing Business, it wasn't growing at the rate I wanted it to... despite feeling like I had put in the damn work.

I hustled hard, but something was missing.

Without getting into my detailed analysis of what I discovered about my odds of growing my MLM business, I decided to run a little experiment.

What if I created an online course (which is now titled The VISIONARY METHOD™) that packaged up everything I know & love, that I believe could help someone live their best life?

Yes, I loved talking about Essential Oils (the product I sold), but I had LOTS of other passions as well.

So... I created an online course.

The goal was to compare whether I would make more in a 6 month time period from my Network Marketing Business, or my newly launched Online Course.

I priced the course at $897.00 CAD... and kicked off the experiment.

To my surprise, 6 months flew by and I was head down in my online course. I was obsessed with the fact that I could package up WHAT I KNEW into a course that others might benefit from.

As I tallied my results at the end of the experiment.. one thing was very clear:

The online course was TAKING OFF.

Like I mentioned, I decided to charge money for my course, but you can also offer a program, course or workshop for FREE in order to BUILD and SCALE UP your lead generation! Cool, right?

Now, onto my 3 tips:

These 3 tips are perfect for you if you want to expand your impact, create more revenue from your network marketing business, connect with more people, find new leads, and share your passions with the world.

  1. Create an Online Course

If you have a brand, you need an online course!

My guess is that you’ve been building a brand in order to sell your product since you started your network marketing business, but perhaps you’ve not created a structured course that helps you grow your audience.

One of the easiest ways to begin is to look at your existing content (things you’ve posted on social, what you’ve written about in emails) and then understand how these topics can become part of an online course.

Your course should lead people down a path, towards wanting to buy your product.

Education is KEY!

During the course, you can also infuse it with “bonuses” that give them an experience with your product which will get them one step closer towards becoming a paying customer (or retaining them as a customer!

Check out what I created for my community, here.

2. Host a Challenge

A "challenge" is a powerful way for you to build community & gain awareness of your upcoming launch! It is also an effective way to educate your audience about a topic of interest, in order to prepare them for your offer.

Challenges are simple to create, packed with value for your target audience, they allow people get to know you & your brand & are helpful for people to build trust with you & to learn more about what it's like to work with you before they buy your product.

Your Goals In Hosting a Challenge:

-- Pour energy into your audience (give them 120%) -- Serve them up with some serious value (make them think "if she gives all of this away for free, imagine what it's like to work with her in a paid scenario)

-- Plant seeds about your upcoming offer (the product you sell) throughout, to see who is interested

The Secret Is Out...

Challenges convert leads into paying customers, so the more effort you put into serving up your audience an awesome, life-changing challenge, the more paying customers you will get.

3. Teach a Webinar!

Get in the habit of showing up regularly on video for your visionary community. They want to hear from you & learn from me, every month of the year. A webinar is a great way to grow your audience, build trust quickly, and add so much value through a free training/masterclass/webinar/etc.

If you've competed the "Create Your Visionary Workshop" workbook (available inside The VISIONARY METHOD™), you can simply use this workshop and teach it online... or you can choose an entirely different topic.

Topics like "5 steps to reducing toxins in your home..." or "3 simple shifts to 10x your income" are the best webinar titles, because they are catchy, simply & contain actionable steps / shifts that people can grasp.

To keep things simple, you can host your webinar on Zoom, which allows you to screen share so that you can play a Google Slide Deck that you create to keep you on track!

That’s it!

Those are my Top 3 Tips for Growing Your Network Marketing Business (or any business!).

Yes, it’s a lot of work to create amazing value for your community, but just WATCH how your business explodes when you package up your gifts + talents + passions + strengths into ONE irresistible offer.

If you have questions, reach out anytime!



Oh ya, one last thing..

I'll be teaching SO much more on this in my upcoming "Launch Your Online Business" free mini course (you get free access to it Sept 9th if you put your name here)

& if you want to go deep with me and actually BUILD A COURSE, you might want to get on the waitlist for the next round of TVM. Prices go up at the end of the month.

That's it for today..

Chat with you soon


p.s. If you're feeling stuck in your network marketing business, I totally get it & would love to chat with you.


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Kelsey Reidl