Find Your Target Audience in 3 Steps!

"If you are speaking to everyone, you are speaking to nobody"

I want you to imagine that your business offerings are perfect for one specific person. In this workbook we will discover who that person is!

For the duration of The VISIONARY METHOD, you will think of this person every single time you create content or dream up new ideas, so that you are focused and clear on who your message is for (& who it's NOT for).

Oftentimes, your Target Market will be the "YOU" of 5 years ago (or other amount of time, before you transformed your own life). If your offer is something that you could have benefited from many months or years ago, then clarifying your target market should be easy!

If this is not the case for you, try to figure out which friend or family member really needs your offer and speak to them!

When you've gone through the above exercise, you should be able to answer the following 4 questions in great details!

Who is your offer for (ex. my offer is for pregnant women), what problem is your offer solving (ex. it solves their problem of wanting to eat well during pregnancy, but not knowing where to begin), how do you solve this problem with your offer (ex. I have a 1 month coaching package where I teach them everything they need to know about fueling for mom and baby to achieve optimal health), and why should they buy from you over everyone else (ex. maybe you have amazing testimonials or personal experience or credentials).

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