Hey Visionary,

Hopefully you're reading this blog post because you're interested in learning more about The VISIONARY METHOD 90-Day Business Coaching Program (which starts MONDAY FEB 11th!)

I figured that you might have some of the same questions that I've been getting asked from others, too... So I decided to write up this blog post for you!


Q # 1: What will I learn during The VISIONARY METHOD? Is it for new or current business owners?

You will learn...

  • goal-setting, vision boarding & dream-casting

  • how to take an in-depth analysis of your business ideas and vision for your future

  • discovering your strengths

  • how to categorize your million ideas & turn them into projects and businesses

  • the exact systems that I use to stay organized and reach my goals with ease

  • Creating a comprehensive business plan

  • Your mission, vision, core values and business registration

  • Uncovering your target market & finding your niche

  • Making a mood board

  • Knowing your product or service inside-out

  • Creating & exploring how you can best add value to your target audience

  • Communication and copy-writing to get more sales

  • Deciding on the perfect name for your program, product or service

  • Pricing your offer effectively

  • Experiential marketing (workshops, popups, markets, live events, speaking opportunity, samplings)

  • E-mail marketing

  • Social media marketing (a 17-page workbook that I used to sell for $150.00 alone!)

  • Building a stand-out website + sales pages that SELLS

  • Content creation that will inspire your audience

  • Scheduling tools and systems

  • Website building 101

  • Connecting with your community using a variety of different touch points

  • Taking care of YOU, first - before anyone else

  • Revisiting your goals and making a new 90-day plan

  • Build trust within your tribe & adding immense value to everyone you meet

  • Developing your signature workshop

  • Your (re)Launch plan

  • Marketing 2.0 (Podcasting, Pinterest & Facebook Ads)

That's a lot, isn't it!?

Good thing we have 90-days ;)

Q # 2: Is it a good fit for me if I work full-time / still have a 9-5 (but am looking to leave my job or start a side hustle)?

Yes! Let's get you out of that soul-sucking J-O-B ASAP!


  • You feel stagnant in your current career path

  • You are ready for your next challenge (i.e. investing in your business to grow it)

  • You dread your time spent at work because you know you're capable of more

  • You are confused on what to work on when you sit down at your desk (this is normal!)

  • You are lacking confidence in your entrepreneurial skills but definitely want to become your own CEO at some point

    The VISIONARY METHOD will be perfect for you!

Q # 3: How long is the program?

It's a 90-day online course with bi-weekly modules, launched through Teachable. You can ask questions, interact with your classmates, and complete the workbooks at your own pace!

Q # 4: Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. You can sign up for our 12 month payment plan, which makes The VISIONARY METHOD very affordable. If you work through the modules & launch your business, you will make this money back in no time.

Q # 5: What if I have questions?

Contact me at or reply to this email - I'm an open book, so just ask!

Q # 5: Can I read some student testimonials?

Of course! I want you to hear it from THEM. Not me!

When Kelsey and I first talked on our discovery call I had just sold my brick and mortar business and was looking to launch something new. I was on the fence because I already had business experience and attended so many workshops, seminars, and online classes already.

I loved how authentic Kelsey was on our call and in the first few minutes of our call she gave me such great insight and support I knew I wanted to work with her. I am so glad I chose to take the leap and join The Visionary Method. This program has changed my life and moving forward I know I am a better business owner because of it. When we first began I had so many different ideas on where I wanted to go, TVM really helped me hone in and figure out exactly what I wanted to focus on and offer my clients.

Kelsey’s workbooks really make you dig deep and take a look at who you are not only as a business but as an individual. By doing this everything you put out into the world is authentic and congruent to who you are. I have had coaches in my personal life but never realized how valuable having a coach would be in my business – it has pushed me to go further than I could ever go on my own.

Kelsey creates a beautiful space for curiosity, inquiry, and exploration all while keeping you accountable in a gentle but no B.S. type of way. Now that I have gone through The Visionary Method I know exactly what I am focused on and I have all the tools to follow through. I am so excited for what the future holds!

- Rebekah Rose

Yoga Teacher, Meditation Facilitator, Coach, Founder of Rebekah Rose Holistic Coaching

Kelsey is such a pleasure to work with. As someone with zero business experience, her VISIONARY METHOD program helped me gain clarity and create a vision on how to go about launching my online business and I am thankful that I signed up when I did.
I enjoyed going through all the workbooks along with the audio and video training as they each were broken down into simpler steps to take away any overwhelm. Prior to signing up, I spent so much time not really gaining any traction to get the business going and instead did nothing the year before. I now understand and realize that being a business owner is hard and requires a lot of work but 
the support that was received from Kelsey and the other entrepreneurs in the VISIONARY METHOD made the journey less daunting and scary. Even if you are just starting out like myself as an entrepreneur or looking to level up in your business, I highly recommend working with Kelsey and go through The VISIONARY METHOD.

-Pamela M. Future IIN Health Coach, Wellness Advocate for doTERRA.  




p.s. Want to take advantage of the epic bonuses? Sign up before Saturday at 12pm EST!

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Kelsey Reidl