Why I Spend 10% of my Income on Personal Development

Hey, Visionaries!

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to write a blog post, but I wanted to stop in & share something that’s been on my heart lately on the topic of Personal Development.

This concept is nothing new. People have been trying to “better themselves” and “enhance the quality of their lifestyles” for 1000’s of years.


However, recently the mindset and acceptance around this topics has drastically shifted. As a society, people are more willing to admit their quest to pursue better & their intent to live their “best life” through continual upgrading.

I cannot pinpoint exactly when I fell in love with developing my life & continual improvement, but I can confirm that over the past 10+ years it’s been an evolution.

Some days it was a 1 podcast paired with dog walk, whereas other days have been packed with activities like: waking up, taking an online course, podcasts in my ears, yoga, masterminding with people in my industry, studying a new topic, falling asleep while reading an ‘enlightening book’…

You could say that I enjoy the art of working towards my best self!

One of the very first ‘Personal Development’ books that I read from cover to cover was The Slight Edge.

This book is certainly not revolutionary… actually, it is quite the opposite. It’s so damn SIMPLE and I think people forget this obvious concept of “if you want to make a change, apple the slight edge of doing something different everyday and eventually change will ensue”

Daily decisions need to change before ANYTHING big will follow.

For me, a daily decision I made looong ago was to invest in MYSELF more than I invested in ANYTHING else. That’s why I have taken countless digital marketing courses & spend hours each week reading marketing & sales blogs. That’s why I hired a business coach that cost me over $5,000 USD & I pay $25 on a weekly basis to hit up various fitness classes that make me happy & healthy. That’s why I never hesitate to purchase knowledge that I know took someone years to accumulate, so that I can reap the benefits in just 1 month.

Cause it’s for ME - which allows me to show up strong for others, like I never could otherwise.

I want to challenge you to invest in you, more than anything else this year. When you do that, watch what shifts. I promise you, it will be a LOT when all your work starts to compound!

In case you’re curious, here is a highlight reel of the courses that I’ve invested time + money into over the past 10 years…

p.s. I am so glad I did, because now I can pour all of this knowledge (over $50,000 in courses - into my VISIONARY METHOD STUDENTS - which technically makes the program worth almost $51,000…. cool, right?

Courses I’ve Taken (so you don’t have to!)

  • Marie Forleo's B School

  • Marie Forleo’s The Copy Cure

  • Clients on Demand with Russ Ruffino

  • Canadian Marketing Association Digital Marketing

  • BrainStation Visual Design

  • CampTech Instagram and Facebook 101 & 201

  • Amy Porterfield Facebook Profit Lab

  • Amy Porterfield Webinars That Convert

  • Motivational Interviewing (Learning How To Ask People The Right Questions to Help Them Gain Motivation to Change)

  • James Clear, The Habits Academy

  • Cat Howell, Facebook Ads That Convert

Do you have questions about any of these course? Send me a quick email to hello@kelseyreidl.com

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Kelsey Reidl