Happy End Of Month!

A time of celebration, reflection and improvement.

Days like today allow me to zoom the lens back on my business, and take a look at it with a fresh set of eyes so that I can make incremental improvements for next month (i.e. continually pursuing more health, happiness and wealth!)

Are you an entreprenuer or side-hustler? Perhaps you want to start a business or are just wondering what a day in the life of a biz owner looks like.... read on to find out my...

Top 10 Tips for Rocking Your End-Of-Month

1.    Code + Categorize Your Expenses

Although it's not my favourite thing to do, I recognize the importance of knowing where your money is being spent inside your business.

In order to keep track of where I'm spending dollars, I use a free platform called Mint to categorize everything that I spend. This means that when tax season comes around, I can clearly see how much I invested into my business and what my "write-offs" look like.
I'm thankful to some of my previous corporate jobs for teaching me this skill ('cause when you have a corporate credit card, you are required to be diligent about your records!)

2.  Track Your Metrics

If you've ever taken my online workshop "Build a Profitable Social Media Strategy for your Brand" you know that one of the KEY pillars of your business is measurin your growth, month over month.

I use a Google Sheet to track things like social media growth, revenue generated, and updated bank statement numbers.

If something is measurable, track it!

3.    Set Targets & Goals for Next Month

Small or big, you need a vision for where you're headed next month!

I like to grab my trusty notebook (I'm still old school like that) and jot down some small tasks for the first week of the month, as well as bigger tasks that I know will take me multiple weeks! Add these items to your vision board, share them with your partner, and post them to Instagram (#intentionsetting)

4.   Write down 5+ things that you're looking forward to

Life is too short not to experience joy in every season of our lives-- I firmly believe this. I know that I operate at my highest potential when I have things to look forward to each week, so I ensure that my month is sprinkled with fun by jotting down things that I'm excited about.

5.    Write out anything that feels heavy next month
Just as it's important to add in events that bring you joy, it's always important to gaze through your calendar and your schedule for next month and ELIMINATE anything that doesn't contribute to you accomplishing your goals.
Say no if it's not the right time and don't be afraid to cancel plans that are no longer serving you.

6.   Follow Ups

If you've been communicating with a potential client, or are on the verge of locking down a new consulting project, it's time to make one final follow up this month!
Send your prospect an encouraging e-mail saying that you've love to get started with them come next month, and you only have a certain # of spots remaining, so they should act quickly!

7.   Keep Your Evening Open
I keep social plans to a minimum on the last day of the month, and on the first day of the month. These are sacred days for a business owner, because you're wrapping up one month and lauching another, all in a 24 hour time period!
I'll still schedule in things like a workout or making a healthy dinner, but beyond that I make myself available in case there is anything I want to accomplish before the day ends.

8.    Planning Next Months Social Media

Planning ahead is KEY to running a business with ease. For that reason, I would encourage you to do the majority of your planning for the coming month in a 1 hour time slot this month. This will give you perspective on any upcoming holidays, events, milestones, or content that you can focus on.

9.    Celebrating Milestones of the Month

If you've ever listened to the Visionary Life Podcast, you know that one of my favourite questions to ask every entrepreneur is "if they celebrate the milestones in their business". I find that as entrepreneurs, we can often skim by them since there is nobody to celebrate with!

As entrepreneurs, let's all make sure to reward the little achievements in our businesses so that we don't forget how far we've come! 

10.  Simplify

Are you the type to throw all the spagetti at the wall, in order to see what sticks?
If so - it's time to simplify.

I want you to look at which portion of your business is bringing in 80% of the income (often times it's through 20% of your actions!) and try to narrow down your daily actions to be directly related to the successful actions you're taking to produce the majority of your income!

Not sure what I mean? Look up The Pareto Principle on Google.



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