Top 3 Online Tools That Every Business Owner Should Know About

Biz owners... listen up!

Systems are your best friend in scaling up your business and freeing up time to do income producing activities (aka things that really drive your business forward).

If you don't yet work with a Graphic Designer, a Social Media Assistant, or have a Personal Account, then you'll want to take a peek at the following 3 tool that have helped me immensely in the growth + organization + marketing of my business.

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1.    Canva for Business

I know that by now, most business owners are using Canva to create custom graphics that look really great.

But, are you using Canva for business? It's the paid upgrade that allows you to upload your own fonts, resize images with ease (to fit different social platforms), create custom color palettes, and more!

For the $10 USD per month, it's 100% worth the upgrade!

2.    Buffer

Nobody wants (or needs) to be online 24/7. Our minds + our fingers need a break, for goodness sakes.

I love the social media scheduling app called Buffer, for pre-scheduling Instagram and Facebook content so that I don't need to be online at all hours of the day.
With their basic plan, you can add up to 10 social accounts (I have my Facebook groups, Facebook pages, and Instagram accounts linked up) and pre-schedule, reschedule or manage content!

Imagine just logging on to Buffer 1x per month to upload all content for the coming 30 days! It's a game changer.

3.   Mint

I've never been someone who is diligent about tracking my finances, but I've come to realize that all smart entrepreneurs have systems in place to manage their money. That's where Mint comes in for me.

It is connected with my bank accounts and I can categorize all of my transactions to see where I am spending my money each month. Come tax time, it integrates will with Turbo Tax which I also use.

You can set custom budgets too, so if you realize that your coffee spending is outrageous, you can (try) and lower the monthly budget for java! 

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Kelsey Reidl