5 Podcasts That Will Help You Learn More About Online Business & Marketing

Hey friend,

You're on the podcast train, right? You know... those incredible free audio shows that can support you in growing you knowledge in almost ANY area of life!

If not... download the Podcast app ASAP (or use CastBox or Stitcher).

Then, check out these 5 podcasts that I adore (+ one bonus suggestions which is MY podcast!) that will help you master the art of online business & marketing.

What did I miss on this list? Comment below and let me know!

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1. Goal Digger Podcast

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Jenna Kutchers podcasts are quick and dirty tips for creating a thriving online business! I especially love the episodes when she picks an online marketing topic like building an e-mail list or using Pinterst to get more leads, and then shares 20 minutes of super useful content!
I suggest having a notepad on hand as you listen, so you can write down action items and put her tips to work right away in your business.

Episode frequency: 2x weekly
Listen to this first: Bonus 015, 5 Ways to Write a Better Bio Page

2. Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn is the original passive income guru! If you're looking to take your business to the next level by implementing a product or service that provides you with residual/passive income (everyone should be raising their hand right now!), then cruise through some episodes of his podcast.

Episode frequency: Weekly
Listen to this first:  Building an Online Course from Start to Finish #302

3. Hol:Fit Talks

One of my business mentors is Ange Peters, a 7 figure income earner in doTERRA Essential Oils (I've been a leader with doTERRA for 2+ years now). I love her real approach to network marketing, creating a personal brand, and supporting tens of thousands of customers in an experiential way.

Episode frequency: Weekly on Wednesdays
Listen to this first: HERE

4. The Marie Forleo Podcast

Oh, Marie! She's had my heart since the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey... and although I prefer to watch her interviews on YouTube (she records in-person) she also posts them as podcasts!

I gathered SO much insight from her take on copy writing and building effective websites. Enjoy!

Episode frequency: Weekly
Listen to this first: Marketing Strategy: How To Write Copy That Turns Website Visitors Into Customers OR choose a video from here

5. The GaryVee Audio Experience

Gary tells it like it is. As the original maven of social media (he built a massive Wine business on YouTube before it was cool to be a vlogger) and one of the earliest investors of Twitter, Gary has worked his ass off and isn't afraid to tell you how hard you need to hustle to build a massive business

Episode frequency: Daily
Listen to this first: Choose a rant or fireside chat, depending on if you want the harsh news from Gary or something inspiring from a guest he brings on


6. Visionary Life

Insert shameless plug here!

Visionary Life is the podcast that I host & upload on a weekly basis. Each week, I bring you a guest that is a visionary entrepreneur. All episodes are recorded in-person, and we usually dive into topics around peak health, living in an inspired state everyday, and all things entrepreneurship.

Episode frequency: Weekly on Sunday's
Listen to this first: Interview with the founders of Basd Body Care, Ashley Meston & Phil Lebeau

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