20 Ways to Use Your Oils & Build a Business, At The Same Time!

Hey friend,

You may have noticed my message has shifted in the past 8 months. I’ve been a little more quiet about nutrition, natural health, and essential oil education. In turn, I’ve been louder about creating a Visionary Life, releasing the people/places/jobs that do not serve your life in a positive way, and why it’s time to pave a new path for your life.

I’m chatting about this more, because of my OWN evolution. Let me explain:


When I think about the ‘layers’ of an onion, I can best describe my trajectory over the past 10 years to help you understand.

It all started with fitness wayyyy back when. I loved the gym and sports and getting sweaty each day. It made me feel so good.

[ Is there something that sparked YOUR wellness evolution? ]


Then, I enrolled in nutrition school which was the next piece of my puzzle aka layer of the onion. I thought it would stop there, so I started practicing as a nutritionist.

But as in all things, we evolve.

The layers kept peeling back. Natural health. Green beauty. Self-development. Meditation. Deepening my yoga & spirituality. Using aromatics to upgrade my self-directed health care. Teaching others. Finding alignment. Growth. Coaching women through the medium of dōTERRA that it’s SAFE to speak their truth and their message around health and it’s VIABLE to build a business through this model.

Oh, and ultimately a better long-term plan for your life-health.

But, I meet resistance from women who don’t understand these layers of the onion yet. Perhaps they don’t see their potential, or know their message quiet yet (that’s ok, I can coach you).

They are afraid of what might come up for them on this journey we call self-development through dōTERRA. Or they RESIST because of an excuse like ‘lack of time’ or ‘not enough money’. I cringe hearing things like this come out of someone’s mouth. When have you not had time to create a better future? Seriously?

This comes from a place of lack– or fear. How could this opportunity not be for everyone?

{especially with the abundance of free coaching & immense community of powerful health + business minded women inside of it!}

So, to transition this conversation— let’s talk about 20 ways you can work on 2 layers of the onion at the same time (health in the wellness sense, and health in the ‘I actually like my job’ sense), so you can experience success and unsurpassed health in your life, your body, and your business; at the same time.


Let’s dive in.

20 ways to use your oils& build a business;
at the same time!

  1. Use doTERRA Frankincense to rejuvenate the texture of your skin, because it helps to regenerate cells quicker than without frankincense. Then, watch your business monthly sales explode when there’s a 1x yearly promotion that gifts oil lovers a free bottle, with purchase. It’s the most generous offer from doTERRA.
  2. Take your LLV aka Life Long Vitality which is your daily supplement system that will make your skin glow, your energy soar, and your mood elevate. Share these benefits with your family + friends who are struggling with feeling their best. Getting your supplements delivered monthly (& earning free oils in the process) is the biggest blessing and greatest gift to share with health-conscious friends.
  3. Diffuse a blend of vetiver & lime for uplifted-focus! This blend will get you into the zone when creating your own ‘Get Started with Oils Guide’
  4. Freshen your breath with doTERRA peppermint beadlets every single day and help a revolving door of people steer clear of Listerine & Tic Tacs
  5. Anytime you’re travelling abroad, get your oils out on the plane ride. I guarantee that the person sitting beside you will comment on them at some point throughout the journey, and you might even land yourself a brand new customer.
  6. Use your favourite oils blend on your temples at work. You’ll have the whole office asking about them.
  7. Gift the doTERRA intro kit (it’s $25 and contains the Top 3 Oils) as student / teacher gifts or as door prizes at events. Just make sure to attach your business card and a personalized note that says for the recipient to email you for a free Get Started Guide
  8. Package up some samples of your favourite oil and snail mail them to 5 friends who are having a rough month. It will lift their spirits and create a beautiful connection between you both.
  9. Lend your diffuser to a friend who is selling their home. Every potential buyer will be asking about the beautiful scent in the home— and how they can recreate the same (hello, lead generation)!
  10. When you’re entertaining guests, put a blend of lime + peppermint in the diffuser to lighten the mood of the party

  11. When you head over to someone’s house for a dinner party— offer to bring the cocktails! Use a mix of Gin, Soda Water, 1 drop Lemon EO & 1 drop Lime EO— that’s a sure conversation starter
  12. Do you workout at a gym? Always apply Breathe essential oil to your chest (diluting in fractionated coconut oil first) and watch as people start breathing easier around you and asking you why the feel so free & clear
  13. Do you run contests or giveaways at your workplace or online? Gift your winners with a doTERRA oil like Lavender to get them started with the most beautiful plant therapy bottles on this planet
  14. Choose your favourite recipes that involve essential oils— all purpose cleaner, pasta sauce with oregano, DIY deodorant, etc. And host a DIY workshop at your place where everyone makes a few natural beauty products
  15. Diffuse doTERRA sandalwood as you meditate on your best day ever. When you get clear on WHY and WHAT you are creating, your business will explode
  16. Tell all your beauty loving friends about the powerful plant based skin care systems that doTERRA has created, and let your glowing skin show for it too
  17. When you head out for dinner, pass around your bottle of TerraZyme to ease digestive upset of everyone in your group!
  18. When you travel to countries with different cuisines that may upset your stomach, keep Digest Zen oil and supplements on hand. Once people experience the rapid success and relief of the blend of Tarragon/Cardamom/Peppermint/Fennel/Ginger, they will be HOOKED!
  19. Add 8 drops of Lemongrass EO to your wool dryer balls and then wait as people ask you why you smell so fresh!
  20. Grab yourself a car diffuser and add Balance or Roman Chamomile to the diffuser while carpooling to keep the body calm & the vibes high. The whole carload will request a membership to purchase their own, by the time you reach your destination.


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Created by the Visionary Life Health Team.

Kelsey Reidl