6 Steps to Getting Your Business Back on Track

Perhaps you’re going through a slow time, a rough patch, or a lull in business— and I want to assure you, it’s okay! You can absolutely pick yourself back up again, and soar beyond where you were before.

In my case, one day I opened my laptop and every single file + blog + business resource that I had ever created was gone. My hard drive had been cleared, forever (accidentally)!

So what’a a girl to do when shes loses every single Document, PowerPoint, Blog Post, and Note that I’ve created?

{hint, the answer is not to crawl into a black hole.. even though that's what I wanted to do}

Luckily, my husband Dave was with me when I discovered I had incorrectly transferred all of my work files from one computer to another, and in the process I managed to lose every single one of them. The computer was gone, I had reset entire hard drive, and there was no salvaging. Needless to say, Dave was my rock while I curled up on the couch and cried for two hours while he frantically called every computer shop in Toronto to talk with the experts.

My other outlet is through sharing my story online, through social media and through blogging. I gather tons of thoughts and am able to piece together the outcomes of last night’s event by writing them out—but more than that, I realize that this happens to everyone at some point in their lifetime and I hope you can connect with the lessons I’ve learned through this experience.

Let’s back track a bit.

Earlier this week as I was making the transfers, I had something hit my heart…
“Imagine if I lost everything and had to start over—re-creating all of my business files with a completely clean slate. That would be awesome. Maybe I’d have more clarity on the people I’m here to help, the path I’m meant to walk out, and the direction I want my business to go”

Ya, I seriously thought that. Anyone who knows me will believe this because I often get intuitive hits like this (like the time I had a dream about my entire team getting let go from a job, and then less than 12 hours later it happens with ZERO warning). That kind of stuff.
I like to think that I basically asked for my files to be wiped. I asked to have a fresh start on building the business I have had in my mind for years.

As an eternal optimist, I’m choosing to see the light in this situation. There is nothing more I can do. Is it totally insane to say I’m already feeling a weight lifted from me—relief—that I’m not bogged down in folders on folders on folderrrrrrrs of projects that I’ve half started in the past 6 months?
I woke up not giving a shit. I’m okay. I’m ready to rebuild.

Perhaps you’ve experiences ‘loss’ like this with relationships (romantic or friendships), with personal items (ever lose your cellphone at the bar as a teenager!?), or similar to me with files that you’ve spent hours and hours creating…

Regardless, here are a few of the lessons I’ve learned from the past 24 hours of chaos I’ve been soaking in (i.e. 6 Steps to Getting Your Business Back on Track!)

1. When you subliminally ask the universe for something—you get it

Our thoughts, our energy, our intention… they are all more powerful than you would believe. If you don’t subscribe to The Law of Attraction, perhaps you’re not on the same page as me here… however, keep note on how the universe works FOR you (not against you) when you believe it does.
Can you guys share with me a situation like this that you’ve experienced? Something you’ve known in your heart should happen… and then, like magic, it does?

2. Practice non-attachment more often, you’ll be happier

Feeling shitty about something that just happened?

Detach from it ASAP. Seriously.. do it. And if you’re bad at it, get better at it. Be SO confident in who you are and what you’re capable that this DOES NOT EVEN SHAKE YOU.

3. When you begin to rebuild, you’ll do it at lightning speed

Plain and simple—I told my sister this morning that I’ve got a fire under my butt today to get shit done. And I’ve already accomplished more than I have all week over the past few hours.

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4. If you’re feeling stuck, change something

I have a couple of major projects launching in October, but I’ve been hitting a wall with making the necessary changes to propel them forward.
I realize that I didn’t need to change (aka DELETE) my entire file folder to get un-stuck, but the point is.. sometimes we need to shake it up to get re-inspired. Work somewhere new, talk to different friends, move cities, get a different job… ya feel me?

5. Action is different than motion and ideas

Pre-losing all my files (i.e. 24 hours ago) I had so many ideas for projects written out, which I would then build out and scribble ideas down without taking any action.
I have been fascinated with this concept of ideas vs. action vs. motion lately and actually recoded an entire video on it here in my Facebook community (come join!)

6. Share your highs and your lows with your network (in person or online)

There is no greater way to bond with people and build an army of support around you, than to be really freaking REAL with the people you hang out with.

Talk about real stuff that really matter. Ask them the questions that prompt more questions. Don’t be shy in sharing your story & what’s actually happening in your life. I used to be completely reserved in sharing ANYTHING about my life with others, but actively began to change that about 10 years when I realized that is how the foundation for friendships are built.



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